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    Valor item vs T15 2-set bonus

    Searched the forum and world to find out if the set bonus is good enough to upgrade a 502 tier item and replace it with 522 valor.

    In my case its the chest that I can upgrade. Hopefully I get another tier item from Nalak but that can be next week or in 5 weeks from now so nothing to rely on.

    Sagazi on moonglade (cant post since new to the forum)

    I have all the other Valor items and only got chest to upgrade but Im keen on holding on to the 3000 I have now and hope patch comes next reset so I can upgrade 6 items.

    So atm I stand between chest at 2250VP and drop all my last weeks earned VP to 750 and only be able to upgrade 1½ item and loose tier15 bonus. vs. wait till reset and hope patch comes and upgrade 6 of my best items to 530

    What you guys suggest I do ?

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    Keep the t15 bonus all the way (even though the 2pc bonus isn't as strong as it was in t14)

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