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    Disc - Tracking absorbs at 100% Health

    Hey all, I'm a fairly new disc priest, and am having some trouble tracking how much absorb I have on a target at 100% health.

    Absorb total is easy to see when you can see the blue section across someone's health bar that is <100%, but often times, I have no idea how much PW:S and Angelic Bulwark absorbs I have left on a tank that is currently sitting at 100% health. It could be 100 or 100,000. This causes problems when a tank is about to take a bunch of damage... do I need stack more absorbs, or am I in the clear with what he has left?

    Does anyone know of any addons that make this easy to track? I'd prefer something integrated into some set of raid frames (default, grid, etc.). Thanks in advance!

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    I use Grid (plus GridManaBars) for my raid frames, if you have this addon you can also get GridStatusShield addon which tracks absorbs on raid members. I have it set up for 20k or less absorbs left red for low, 20k-50k yellow for good and 50k and over purple for high (the number will be colored according to it's category). It worked nicely from the start so I didn't play around with it too much but say you're raiding with multiple disc priests, holy paladins and or blood DKs, the addon shows the total absorbs on the target. Meaning, say you have a 100k PW:S, the blood DK has a 200k Blood Shield and two holy pallies have 80k Illuminated Healing, the addon will say the 460k absorb on that target. I don't know if you can change it to only track your own but I like it this way because I do raid with 3 holy pallies and a blood DK so if I see someone with a high absorb on them, even if it's not mine, I just ignore it and go to someone else. Plus it's super fun seeing it go up above 1000k absorb :P
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    If you use Vuhdo I believe you can set a bouquet (sp?) to track PW:Shield or Divine Aegis on one of the indicators. Not sure if possible to check all forms of absorbs though.

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    With vuhdo you can display the absorbshields via icons.

    /vuhdo opt -> panels -> hot icons

    There you can select pw:s, devine aegis and spirit shell (+many other things)
    It gives you an icon if you have the buff and a ring infront of the icon that shows the amount of absorb.+

    Looks like this:

    But i only use this feature for shell because for pw:s i only track the weakened soul debuff and devine aegis is to random for me to display :P
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    Using Grid + Grid Side Icons addon..

    Using a bright 2pixel thick Yellow border (default grid option) to track if my PW:S still has some absorbs left.
    Tracking the Weakend Soul debuff as well.

    Divine Aegis is indeed to random, Spirit Shell aint hard to apply in 10 man if you position your self properly.
    So i dont track them, if i would track SS i would be with a Border like my PW:S

    My grid is small and its easy to get it to crowded.

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    Shadowed Unit Frames. It's a bit tricky to configure though. (But with the best result, compared to others e.g. Grid, VuhDo)

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    Just to mention, regarding GridStatusShield, you can modify it to allow you to chose higher values. This is practically required for it to have any use in mop (showing if an absorb is 20 or 50k is quite frankly useless, you need to see if it's 50 or 200k).

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    @Cookie I agree, but I like it that way, 50k absorb isn't going to save anyone's life but that target isn't in any immediate danger, while a 200k absorb is more than enough to substantiate incoming damage. The addon itself actually shows me the number, bellow the name in my setup, the color values are just a way for me to just overlook someone more quickly and go towards those who are in the red or nothing at all.

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