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    I wanted to make a post to get some input/ help with my dps but I'm not allowed to post links yet. I figured its pretty pointless to make that post with no WoL link and I don't see that I'm in any position to make replies to other people's questions yet. Any suggestions on getting through the link barrier? Does commenting on dead posts count toward the quota?

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    What about you posting some info about your character first, like Character X on Y realm. I'm pretty sure some nice guy here will dig up your armory n WoL's.

    Also, I suggest you check out the other 50 threads about the same thing.
    To sum up all those posts, it usually boils down to...

    - Delaying signature shots too long, Kill Command, Explosive shot etc. (For example, 10 seconds between each KC is not good)
    - Not using cd's properly
    - Spamming arcane shot too much
    - Focus capping
    - Bad openers

    Some people think they'll somehow get loads of dps changing some reforges and sockets, but that's usually not the problem. Most of em got that part sorted out fairly well.
    Like, even if you go for a few "bad" socket bonuses, you wont see a big difference if you change it.
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    I thought about making a post without the links but I didn't think anybody would spend the time to go look that sort of thing up to be completely honest. I'll go ahead and make the post later tonight.

    As far as the other threads go, I've spent weeks lurking around looking through them for ideas and tips and I have implemented a few that I have found that relate to my gameplay. Overall I do fairly well, and I'm not expecting any large dps increase, if anything at all. I'm basically just looking to see if something stands out to the rest of you higher caliber players that I seem to be missing when I go through my logs.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll get the post up and see what happens.

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