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    Brawler's Guild Rank 8 bosses

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips on disruptron last one i am stuck on make it to the soft enrage then hard to find a good spot. Also would BM or SV be better for this?

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    I'm stuck on him aswell,hes really hard as lines sometime hit even when you jump over them,playing as surv atm,much easier to maintain rotation while jumping around,tho BM might be better as you can use hero sub 35% to burn him down faster,I really hate the rng on those cannons...

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    If you are horde don't jump over lines while standing on grid, because it's now working then. Jump over them only on solid floor. It was driving me crazy why I can't jump over them sometimes.
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    I'm on the last boss of rank 8 for about 3month, every 2-4 days i try it few times and still dying when boss hit 30%, i'm dying not to lines but to white ballZ, pretty much whole room is filled with them.

    I can't imagine rank 9 boss where you have to turn yourself to safe lines.....

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    I'm never getting past disruptron.

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    there's a very tiny safe spot, focus on finding that, and lines could/can be cheesed with levitation. but even if u can't use levitate anymore if you find the safe spot, u'll only have lines to dodge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    there's a very tiny safe spot, focus on finding that, and lines could/can be cheesed with levitation. but even if u can't use levitate anymore if you find the safe spot, u'll only have lines to dodge.
    Lines can't be cheesed with levitation anymore, atleast it didn't work some weeks ago when I tried it last. So I guess the safe spot it is!

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    If you're Horde, There's some part at the full right hand side as you port in where one beam doesn't go. Go there so you have one less beam to worry about. You can also position yourself to be able to avoid most of, if not all of the orbs.
    Go BM, imo, so you can burst everything down quickly with Bloodlust at the last 35%.

    All I can say is when I done it, the last 35k HP was the longest 35k HP I've seen in my time playing wow ;P

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    Well, when i'm trying this boss i always go to the right side (so 1 less line to worry about) but this little bastard can place his machine, so balls will spawn from there (right side) and screw all your postion. 2 balls is enough to kill you (each hit for 230-250k).
    There is of course "safe" spot on the left side and on the up, so 1 line less, but sometimes you just dont have time to move.
    I'll kill him for sure, before 5.3, but still what a crazy boss. Especially with 150+ ms.

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    Frustratingly enough I killed this after finding out a trick and some 50+ wipes later.

    The wall closest to where the Brawler's Guild vendor in the Alliance arena (In other words, the single laser that runs from north to south) will never hit you as long as you hug the wall. This eliminates one laser you need to worry about and also lets you avoid almost all cannon fire, especially at soft enrage.

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    I think this guy took me 20+ tries to beat. Extremely frustrating fight...
    At first I tried to to it "by the book" and blow all my dps cooldowns towards the last 35%, but I failed miserably, as the laser pattern became too difficult at that point (at least for me)
    After I slept on it, I tried a tactic with nuking the hell out of him from the very start and killed him on my 3rd try. There's not much to it, but I'm gonna try to explain it in detail, maybe some of you can find it helpful:
    First of all, as horde, there's no permanent safespot on the N/S wall, but every 2nd "long" laser doesn't reach the side wall.

    At the start go to the middle, between the gratings and blow bloodlust, put Amoc and SS on the little moron as soon as he appears. after 2-3s, when the lasers get close, jump up and disengage 45 degrees to the left, so you land in the left back corner. Now you have around 15-20 seconds of uninterrupted nuke, since the long laser won't reach you, and the short one has to travel a long way before coming back. So blow your potion, RF, stampede, BW readiness etc. When the lasers start getting close, jump up and disengage to the right upper corner (that way you'll cross all 3 lasers and buy yourself more time without them). At this point, the guy should be below 50%, so get ready to dodge everything he throws. Blow 2nd RF and burn him down, while watching the lasers, in case they make it back to you. I just stood next to the wall, at 1/3 of it's length, where I could avoid all the cannons.

    Doing it this way the whole fight took me 37 seconds and my average dps was 268k. While my gear was very good (530 ilvl PvE), I had no buffs and my pets were not optimized (I had only 2 buffs and the core hound), so I believe that with some help and preparation, an average-geared player can do the same, or even better. Just make sure you're fully buffed (including flask and food), and that apart from the core hound, you bring 4 pets that apply useful debuffs to the target. Exiliration and healthstone are also very useful there, in case you get hit by the discs. In terms of dps talents, I'd recommend glaive toss and fervor rather than dire beast, as it doesn't use up a gcd.

    I know this tactic might not seem very useful for people with low item levels, but I believe that it should be acheivable even with LFR gear, especially in 5.3, when item upgrades come back, with a discount price.

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    Follow this guide, stand in the safe spot and you have to jump over much fewer lines, come the end of the encounter there are a few tricky jumps you have to negotiate, still took me ALOT of attempts even after practicing this but i got it in the end with around 502 item level, maybe less as it was before Throne of Thunder

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    Done as SV with 200ms, stay on the safe spot so you can ignore 1 beam, just remember witch one is the beam you will ignore and witch one is the beam you will jump, if needed jump the crossed beam with disengage.
    That’s what I do, Zoggosh. I think good.

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    I was able to get this by standing on the grate closest to the vendor. The line that goes from front to back will not hit you there. Camera positioning is tricky but did it as BM just popped everything at start fight took 45 secs

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