Thread: Xmog IDEA!

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    Xmog IDEA!

    My idea is simple.... I been looking to hide my shoulders for around 7 years now (started playing 9 ago)

    Blizzard, my friend, can you create "invisible shoulders" for xmog? Yaaa you can put em on the store if you want..... ... .... or not

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    i have a more simple idea - don't wear your shoulders.

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    As a constant reminder:
    Blizzard has stated they will not provide a way to hide Shoulders because they feel that too much Artwork and Time goes into the design of Shoulders, and therefore do not want players to hide them.

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    You will find that most chest armor actually has little to no texture in the shoulder region because shoulder armor is expected to cover it up, so that wouldn't really work too well without a bunch of retexturing to buffer it.

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