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    Pet-usage with survival spec.

    In survival spec all your pet does is melee the boss. No need for KC switching etc. Any time the pets has to run and switch targets is a big dps loss, which happens if you put the pet on assist. So is it the best idea to just put it on passive and stick it to the boss for the entire fight? Kinda like an ever rolling DoT on the boss?

    Also is there some kind of addon or weakaura that reminds you to put your pet on a target? You don't wanna be there with ur pet just hanging around doing nothing.
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    I'll be interested to see what top hunters say about this. I've always just put in a petattack command on my Explosive Shot macro so that the pet's on passive and is explicitly sent in to attack. But I don't micromanage my pet so...

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    It depends on the fight. For example, if you're talking about Horridon, then you want it to assist you in killing the Wastewalkers, Venom Priests, Frozen Warlords, Shamans, and Jalak, since boss damage is completely pointless compared to the damage done to these adds. If you're talking Council, then it might be wise to keep your pet on Sul until he's dead, since damage on him is important throughout the fight, until he is dead.

    Here is a weakaura that alerts you when you're in combat and your pet doesn't have a target: http://pastebin.com/wpErXcym

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    It depends on the fight, but it will probably be a much smaller dps loss in 5.3 for hunters who take Blink Strikes to have their pet target swap at any point.

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    I always have my pet on passive and just use alot of macros to control it.

    3 keybinds for /petpassive , /petattack and /petmoveto

    Some of my macros that i switch every boss.

    #showtooltip Black Arrow
    /cast Black Arrow
    /cast Dash(Ferocity, Cunning Ability)

    #showtooltip Black Arrow
    /cast [@focus,exists] Black Arrow; Black Arrow
    /petattack [target=focus]

    BM (only single target fights)
    #showtooltip Serpent Sting
    /cast Serpent Sting
    /cast Dash(Ferocity, Cunning Ability)

    Dark Animus HC pet tanking

    #showtooltip Shell Shield(Special Ability)
    /cast Serpent Sting
    /petattack [target=focus]
    /cast [target=focus] Growl(Basic Ability)
    /cast Shell Shield(Special Ability)

    Twin Consorts

    /target Suen
    /cast Serpent Sting
    /cast Dash(Ferocity, Cunning Ability)

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