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    I don't get rage, unless:
    - Driving under the speed limit in a one-lane, no passing road. If the speed limit is 45, your ass better be going 45. Tractors are the exception to this rule.
    - If you believe that the blinkers are optional, I believe shoving your keys into your eye socket should be required.
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    Why get angry if you can't do anything about it though? All you do is stress yourself.

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    Aw the ones who drive slowly up to the overtaking lanes then speed up so you really have to put your foot down to overtake. Or ones that drive slowly, you over take them then before you know it they over take you, slow down, so then your forced to overtake them again.. 200 kms of that with one car, enough to make me rage lol

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    Bikers. Each time I see one, I imagine myself running him over.

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    Where I live in Northern Virginia the big issue for me is drivers doing 40 in a 45, 30 in a 35 and 35 in a 25. Of course as soon as you begin to pass them at 5 over the speed limit they accelerate to cruise in your blind spot. Very frustrating when this is well over half the drivers on the road. =/

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    1. Douchebag "alpha" male bros in their pickup trucks (usually with blue rubber testicles hanging off the back), speeding, cutting folks off, and tailgating the driver in front of them to keep anyone else from entering the lane in their vicinity.

    2. Sleazy little shits in their little hondas, acuras, mazdas, whatever, modified to sound like a large insect buzzing down the road. They almost always are young, white or asian, and completely terrible drivers.

    3. Young women, usually in a mid-size sedan (Passat, Camry, etc) usually with some type of "Princess" or "Queen Bitch" sticker or some such (or flower decals), driving badly, and wanting to pull up along side you for whatever reason they feel wronged by and show you they can attempt to cuss you out like a big boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celltrex View Post
    Bikers. Each time I see one, I imagine myself running him over.
    You should exercise introspection and try to figure out why this is the case. It doesn't really make sense to feel such hatred and rage towards someone who's done nothing to wrong you, has no particular animosity for you, and is just going through their day. Why do you think you feel the way you do?

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    Bikers, they don't seem to have any clue of the rules.
    Going under the speed limit if I can't pass.
    Not using the blinkers. They are there for a reason damnit.

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    I don't see bikers NEARLY as much as the people in this thread lol.

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    People not using blinkers in cirkulations and people driving below speed limit for no apparent reason.

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    dumbasses striking you though... I've been sticking up for cyclists a lot in this thread because there's so many stupid misconceptions, but there's just as many idiots on bikes (almost by definition) as idiots in cars and on foot.
    My thesis is that it's the same people. In my country Alpha-male wannabees between 35-50 that drive the more expensive Audi models, that bicycle for bragging rights to their buddies. Personally I go Denis Leary if able on those guys.
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    Don't get road rage, more like frustrated but I quickly forget about it. But it always ticks me off when some speeding lunatic tailgates a car in the lane next to me and takes the earliest opportunity to quickly cut me off to get a few feet ahead only to do it to someone else as well. And they never use their signal lights! So now I either stay a few feet behind or ahead of any cars in adjacent lanes because I know there will always be some impatient driver looking to weave in and out of every nook and cranny to get ahead with no regard for safety. Also sucks when there's only one lane and the car in front is driving under the speed limit. But doesn't bother me as much as the first item.

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    The only thing that really gets me fuming while driving is when people tailgate me, especially when I am already going the speed limit. Sometimes I slow down on purpose just to spite them. No matter how slow the person in front of me is driving, I always do the courtesy of staying a fair distance behind them. People pulling out right in front of me also annoys me, and so do stoplights that turn yellow right when I reach that specific point where I would have to hit the brakes fairly abrubtly to stop in time, but would run the red light if I kept going. Heavy traffic in general bugs me too, but more in a nervous way than angry. Basically anything that takes away from the relaxation of driving is bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drekker17 View Post
    I hate when people don't use there blinkers.
    I hate cyclist that think because they aren't cars they don't have to follow the same rules, like not running a red light.
    I hate when someone is driving on my ass, I actually start to slow down because of that bullshit.
    Yeah. I totally agree. Especially if they don't use blinkers, like what's so hard, guess they're lazy :/

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    i dont know if someone posted this but my BIGGEST road rage is when everyone is going 5-10 miles over the speed limit and everything is fine... until one cop goes on the highway and EVERY one starts going 5 miles below the speed limit... like seriously? hes not going to pull you over if everyone is doing it including him.

    also, when a cop pulls someone over and everyone on the free way slows down from 55mph to 20mph to watch him getting arrested... like people...whats the point of watching him?

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    Old people in general! I always worry when driving near these people, I simply don't know if they are aware of what they are doing.
    People that decide to pass in the "fast" lane, by going 1km/t faster than the car they are passing.
    People that tailgate you and/or instantly flash their lights as soon as they are near, to show they want to get by you fast.
    People that stay in your blindspot for a long duration of time.
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    People on motorcycles without helmets. *Facepalm*

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    when people dont indicate, happens a lot round here
    bikes, both cycle and motorbikes, not all of them, just the really annoying ones
    people that have no clue how roundabouts work and who has right of way, usually some teenager in their parents car assume they always have right of way, and just go onto the roundabout without looking.

    people who speed up, to overtake on really dangerous places, some people are so impatient, they willl nearly cause a crash to get a few meters ahead, even if they are turning off a few hundred meters down the road.
    same with people who go to slow, i dont mind doing 37 in a 40 zone, but when you're doing like 25 in a 40zone, were gonna have a problem, its usually middle aged woman i see doing this.
    people who just sit in the right lane all the time on dual carrage ways/motorways.

    im annoyed really easy when driving, even by the car they have. people who have those big range rovers/jeeps/pickups ect, just to go to the shop, fuck them. fair enough if they need it for work, but theres so many around here because people think its a rural area.
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