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    Wanting to upgrade from Starter Edition.

    What do I need to buy? The Classic and then WOTLK and the rest or I need TBC too? I'm wondering because when it asks me to upgrade it shows WOTLK and not TBC(since they merged TBC and Classic, right?).

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    buy wotlk and try if they merged classic and bt as you said wotlk is the next xpac

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    The battlechest which is £10 has Classic/TBC/WOTLK to which you then need to purchase Cataclysm and MoP I believe. I think there was an offer that got you cata for free at some point, might have been through Scroll of Ressurection though.

    So I think yeah, Battlechest to get classic/TBC/WOTLK then purchase Cataclysm and MOP.


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    To upgrade from Starter edition, all you need to do is purchase the Battle Chest and add the authentication key to your account via account management. That takes you all the way up to WotLK. If you want to upgrade further, the next purchase would be Cataclysm, and finally MoP. Each expansion is dependent on having the expansion before it already purchased and active on your account so you cannot just go straight to MoP without having purchased and activated the Battle Chest and Cataclysm as well. Same goes for Cataclysm...you must already have the Battle Chest purchased and active.
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    TBC isnt needed anymore, just classic,wrath,cata then mop

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    As others have said, Classic - WOTLK - Cata - MoP will get you up to date.
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    Others have said it.

    I'd just like to point out that there are several sites offering cheaper options than Battle.net in terms of the Battlechest. One example is https://www.cdkeymonkey.com/en/produ...-the-lich-king offering the Battlechest for €6.98 (£5.88) - at least if you're looking for an EU version

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    pretty sure they said a while back you don't even need wrath any more.

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