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    What faction are you with? Why did you pick that side?

    For me, I play Alliance.

    The main reason why I've always played Ally is because the people who got me into WoW all played on it. I've always enjoyed Ironforge and thought the Alliance was pretty cool with Night Elves, Dwarfs, Worgens and so on. I've never really tried playing horde that much but in time I can see myself rolling Horde to get a fresh, new look at the game.

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    I play Horde. I started so I could play with my boyfriend and he is Horde. I have tried to play Ally, but haven't been able to get into it. One of the really great things about this game is the tension between the Horde and Alliance. Playing on the other side made me feel like a traitor sorta lol.

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    Currently I play Alliance, but I started out as Horde in wotlk, since I really liked the Horde races (taurens were my favourite in WC3). It took a while for me to start playing seriously on the same realm as my irl friends who brought me into WoW, they played Alliance, but in cata I switched server and race changed my orc rogue to a worgen. I had a really good time on the 2 horde-servers I played on even if my irl friends did'nt play there since I was in nice guilds and raided etc.

    My irl friends switched realm since their realm was dead by the end of cata, and in MoP shortly after I got my shaman to 90 I rolled a pandaren monk on their server and here I am, we now have a guild together.

    If I was able to play with them while being tauren I would, but pandaren female is nice too ^^

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    Alliance, because of Dreanei
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    I play horde.

    When I tried out trial, the first char I made was a dwarf... when I bought the real version of the game, the first char I made was a tauren... so dunno x)

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    I naturally gravitate towards the darker side of things

    Basically i feel bad guys have more fun and i just love fire bombing nelf villages and murdering gnomes

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    Started as a Night elf warrior, thought they looked cool. Saw someone with a tiger for pet... so rolled a dwarf hunter. Got to 70 at the end of BC and just didnt like the feel of the alliance atmosphere on my server. So I rolled an orc shaman and the rest is history.

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    The side came by chosing my favorite races, Tauren and dwarves, I didnt care much for Alliance or Horde at the start.
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    Ever since WoW came out, I always new that when I started playing I would roll an Orc warrior
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    Not sure what made me play Alliance, maybe because I had more fun with the alliance campaigns in the warcraft RTS games more than I did Horde related ones. Plus the alliances zones always caught my eye more than the horde zones. Places I remembered from the other Warcraft games like Westfal, Elywnn, Duskwood, Dun Morogh. It was great seeing those zones up close.

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    Used to play alliance. Just because I really effing hated the way Orgrimmar "built".

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    I've always been primarily Horde. I picked them for several reasons, but the main one is that I like playing the bad guy when I can. Not too many games give me that chance, so I don't pass it up when it does. Aside from that though, I just like the lore, races, and theme better. I think blood elf females are by far the hottest looking race in the game, and blood elf males the coolest looking. I've also always been a zombie fanatic and love the scourge and forsaken aspect of the game, and the orc culture of honor and glory through battle reminds me of saiyans. There's just nothing that cool for Alliance, except maybe worgen, and they were ruined by bad animations.

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    I play Alliance. Why? Simply because I hated how all the Horde races looked. I still do, though I've grown to like Blood Elves.

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    Horde. Mainly because everyone I knew played Horde when I started.

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    I'm enjoying both sides.

    Having said that, I do prefer Horde. It's better 'fleshed out' than the other side. Alliance content feels rushed and half-finished.

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    Horde. Underdogs, "bad" guys. Plus they had the cooler looking races to me.

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    The mate that got me playing played alliance so I just rolled what he told me to. I would most likely of rolled horde otherwise.
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    horde.. started as an undead warlock in wotlk and instantly fell in love with the darker area of Tirisfal Glades... I loved being around haunted mansions and undead and such and I found the undead npcs to be very funny. their rudeness was so off-putting.. and how they always wanted to plague stuff or kill people.. feeding the scarlet crusader a poisoned pumpkin.. and a dwarf poisoned ale.. just made me laugh so hard.. that doesnt even compare to how much fun u can have in hillsbrad foothills with the farmers.. collect 20 skulls, no problem lol.
    I did try out the alliance side and found them really boring.. humans are alrite and dwarves are ok but thats only 2 races that have fun places to hangout. vs the horde had 4 nice cities.. silvermoon orgrimmar undercity and thunderbluff were all very decent. the teleporting orb that went from UC to SM was quite fun to play with as well.

    I do miss the exodar from time to time but i wish they added flying to it.. or made it remotely useful instead of being on an island no1 visits.. same with teldrassil..

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    Back in the day it was to play with my cousin. First it was Alliance. Then I quit and when TBC came out it was Horde. Now I stay Horde cuz it's the more interesting faction to me.

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    I play alliance, because i wanted to play a night elf warrior way back in Vanilla (Before the WoW storyline utterly destroyed them), and in BC draenei came along which set me as alliance player, trying to level an orc warrior but CRZ makes levelling areas overcrowded and waiting for mobs to respawn so i can get some basic quests done is a huge drag, so the going is slow...

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