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    Horde because they are the bad guys. I never really liked Alliance, but I play Alliance more actively now after MoP came out because the Horde side is dead on my server.

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    Fell in love with the Horde in WCIII, and I despise the humans in Warcraft. Racist bastards.

    Also, I love being the antihero.
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    Started as Ally back in '06 just before Naxx came out the originally. Got started as a gnome because my friends who were starting the game wanted for us to all make gnomes and level together. Played that character up until just after LK came out. Most of the people I played with that were ally had quit by that time, so I faction changed to Horde and have been playing it ever since.

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    When I joined I didn't know much about WoW's story, so I chose a human warlock to play since warlocks sounded interesting to me. I eventually made friends on the Alliance and stayed there. Though, I wouldn't have a problem if I went to the Horde at any moment. Now that I know the story of WoW, I like both factions.

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    A better expansion.
    Started ally due to friends and when we rerolled to horde I've stayed even tho they no longer play. Trolls/Undead are my favorite races.

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    I play Alliance. BUT I am finally starting to play what I have longed to play... The bad guys! I started playing in vanilla with a rl friend. We chose Ally because we wanted to play what we are, humans. I quite playing in BC and came back in WotLK and stuck it out with Ally because I already had a couple lvl 50-60s started and didn't really want to start from scratch. I joined a really active casual guild and got really into the game. Befriended a few in the guild and eventhough I progressed past them and really wanted to raid I didn't want to leave them. As time passed and MoP came out a lot of them stopped playing so I finally left the guild. I tried out a few other guilds but never found a good fit. I do have a few rl friends that play now and re on horde side so i'm leveling toons on their server (because $55 for a server and faction change is total BS) and am having a blast so far. I like Ally a lot but I don't remeber the last time I had so much fun leveling. I just really like being the "bad guys" for a change.
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    I started as alliance because the people that got me into playing the game were mostly alliance. My guild faction changed a couple of times over the years and I slowly started having alts on both sides. Now I am definitely both factions.

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    1. Alliance towns/capitals are much more enjoyable to stay in.
    2. Alliance have Dwarfs/Gnomes i love them.

    Few things i love as horde.

    1. Their badass race models like orc/tauren i love them.

    If they had proper towns i would be horde, but they don't.
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Started as Alliance in classic as my friend played Nelf rogue (lol). Rolled horde ~middle of TBC because my friends thought that "zomg horde r cool and evul XD".

    When i managed to save myself from social shit pit at 4.3, I faction changed all my toons back to Alliance. Best decision I have ever done. No offense, but I always felt horde's "dark side" and "looking like hulk" things to be bit childish.

    Edit. I admit that I still miss my troll toons... Blue skin ftw.
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    I didn't want to have green skin or rotting flesh.
    I didn't mind being furry.
    So it got down to tauren OR dwarf.
    My first character was a tauren. I found Mulgore to be stunning, but i hated Barrens, so i deleted that character. I made a dwarf.
    Dun Morogh and Loch Modan were equally awesome. I kept playing.

    Aye, i was a newbie, and it all got down to this. I learned to love Alliance with time.

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    I choose horde because

    - Getting to play as a faction there in other genres the races would be classed as baddies, in wow the races of the horde could be classed as heroes, and do heroic stuff, such as with an orc, tauren or troll

    - The savage yet noble quality of the horde was so much more appealing there your standard blue blood generic pale skin races the alliance had.

    - Every other rpg based adventure has the same old system of 'good guy humans vs bad guy orcs/monsters', wow did it differently, and even was able to show the worst side of humans and elves.

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    Because Blood Elves ruined the Horde's community that was so much better than the Alliance's in Vanilla (not perfect by any means but there were far less idiots) and since Dwarves were Alliance I went for them.

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    Normally? Horde, by far always horde for life.

    Atm? For RP reasons, Alliance.
    Howay the lads!

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    The first toon I ever created was an Orc Warlock...then my Uncle decided he wanted to play and rolled a Night Elf Hunter...I decided to swap so we could play together so I rolled a Night Elf Druid was my raiding toon up to MH/BT then I switched to Gnome Warlock since all my gold was Alliance side

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    Alliance here

    Didn't have a clue about factions and races back when I started, was completely new to the franchise. I just saw the opening cinematic, saw the Night Elf Druid turn into a kitty and knew I wanted to play one. So I rolled a Night Elf Druid, and never looked back! Fell in love with Night Elven lore, and Druids. She's still my main 7+ years later

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    Horde. Because I always wanted to play the "bad guys" and little 14 year old me saw the Horde with the orcs and the undead and thought "fuck yeah bad guys" only after playing for awhile and then playing previous warcrafts and subsequently getting older I realised that The Horde weren't the villains and were in the morally grey category and were the anti-heros of the game, in contrast with the righteous and pure alliance. Which was more badass and interesting to me and so I stuck with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KunkkaTheAdmiral View Post
    The side came by chosing my favorite races, Tauren and dwarves, I didnt care much for Alliance or Horde at the start.
    Uhm, so what did you end up with?

    On the trial account I made back in vanilla I played an undead, think it was a warrior. When I bought the game in BC I rolled a dwarf hunter, and I never regret that.
    Find humans boring, but I like the rest of the alliance.

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    I play(ed) Alliance since coming back a month before Ulduar. Was Horde in BC, but only ever got to 32 on a tauren hunter. I played because my sister and her hubby played, and they were Horde at the beginning of BC, so I decided to follow them. They quit, and the game got boring so I quit as well (this was the Elune server). Found out they picked the game up, so I joined them on Echo Isles, as Alliance. Sister played draenei enhance shaman, her hubby played druid. I picked up a draenei paladin. Been Alliance ever since, though I have dabbled in the Horde (when the new world changed (4.0 patch, pre-Cata), I did manage to get an orc shaman to 56, but deleted her for some strange reason.

    Blizz made my choice of faction feel like the wrong choice when they released Cataclysm, which greatly diminished my enjoyment (I don't get enjoyment going through a zone and being utterly roflstomped at the end of the quest chain [sometimes they didn't even wait until the end]). One reason I have a hard time getting into any Horde character is (my experience) the Horde players are sociopathic douchebags because they are playing the "cool bad guy monsters" and not the "pussy faggy humans and midgets and elves". Of course, that's my experience with Horde players on Echo Isles and a couple others that I made attempts on. I do like the orcs, tauren, and trolls of the Horde races, though.

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    Alliance cause i always wanted 2 slay the bad guys^^

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