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    Horde because Thrall was a badass back when and Sylvanas is so sexy D

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    I played WCIII quit a bit before hopping over to WoW, Horde had not only the Orcs, which I really was a fan of (in Warcraft atleast) and the Undead, which I thought had a decent enough story going for them back pre-bc. I've never really made any Alliance toons yet, and I actually think it may be time to, if for nothing else, to see some of the quests from their side, now I just have to think of another Class I need and a decently balanced server (It seems like either Alliance is completely dead on servers or there's like a 100:1 ratio in favor of the Alliance, I've never really figured that out.)

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    The horde are ugly racially, the starting zones and initial environments blow and for all the preconceptions people have about alliance players I'll take that special brand of stupid over the endless "hardcore" posturing and BS horde players all seem to enjoy so very much
    Wrath baby and proud of it

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    I grew up with Warcraft II and I did love the good old Horde and I did like the Alliance some what to. When I never had my own account before, back in the day I played on my cousin's account and I had a bunch of Horde toons on there in Vanilla. Now with more time and getting Burning Crusade I created a Blood Elf since the release of the game, but I soon had more important things in life like school and college. I missed wrath and i never played it much since the good old days, but I did get to play Cata mostly, but I was caught up with more life, and the same happened with Mists to. I have time to play the game I loved and played for all this time, and I couldn't wait for more.
    Despite all this I had Horde and Alliance chars, but I soon decided to make my main Blizzard account into a Horde only account, and get my cousin's account or someone else's from them and make it a Alliance main account.
    For the Horde!

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    Horde because of my friends. Troll because of the dance. Now all my RL friends play Alliance so I have both.

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    I started as Horde, but then came to Alliance just for many friends playing in a guild on the blue side. But in the end the vocation was too strong and, thanks to some friends with common feelings, i definetly came to the Horde.

    The main reasons for which i chose the Horde from the beginning are :

    -i came in WoW, as many, as a Wc3 player, and i loved the campaign of the orcs in their way to find a new home and a new destiny, and liked a lot characters like Thrall and Cairne and the original Horde "trio" (orcs/tauren/troll) because were all united by a feeling and desire of survival and freedom, with their personal sense of honor;

    -while with some gray moral areas compared to the Alliance, i always saw the Horde much more tolerant in some ways and less bigoted of the Alliance (for me at least) and found very appealing the sense of unity against an hostile world, was one of the reasons of the great pride i had about it, as many others;

    -as someone else said, even the more savage races of the Horde have their moments to be "good guys" and even heroes, unlike other RPGs when the ultimate good is portrayed by the most pious (and better looking) races like humans and elves, and the more savage and "monstrous" are usually the embodiment of evil;

    -i like a lot all the troll lore in general, and the race itslef is much more characterized compared with most of the other RPGs, and much more different and unique, and the Horde have the only playable troll tribe in the game...and ofcourse my "roleplay" main character is a troll.

    That's all i think.
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    Alliance, because orcs, trolls and blood elves are mindless, cannibalistic or traitorous brutes that need to be genocided.

    (and they say people play horde because they like the dark side!)

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    Alliance because that's where my friends were playing. They have all quit though, i did create a Horde character on the server i'm on and Org is a ghost town (Ghost City if you will).

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    Alliance. I have been playing warcraft before the world of warcraft existed, and I have always associated myself with the alliance faction. That's not gonna change because it's an MMO.

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    loved the Orcs in WCII and III and the horde has the best races IMHO. allies have the generic humans, generic dwarves, fucking gnomes, and the race I hate above all others...the night elves. /spits

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    I don't give a damn about the factions.
    Played horde in classic and burning crusade, went alliance in wrath and now in mists i'm playing both.

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    Forsaken of course as I fell in love with their story in Warcraft 3: TFT, although I primarily played Scourge back then
    and yes my loyalty is to the Forsaken first, the Blood Elves second, and the Horde overall third
    hate the traitorous Gilneans for abandoning the Alliance to its fate at the end of the Second War when it became no longer convenient for them to be part of the Alliance
    and then when the undead citizens of Lordaeron come knocking the Alliance welcomes them back with open arms.....
    bunch of hypocrites
    I give bad feedback all the time, I just dont rage or give them shit. Paying for content does not gives you the license to be an asshole.

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    Always loved alliance lore, cities, styles etc. Always preferred humans in WC3. Goldshire, Westfall and Duskwood and three of my favourite zones in WoW. Fargodeep mine always has great memories. Currently I only play horde due to friends and server population etc.

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    The Forsaken (not the Horde). I played and loved the undead lore since WC3. To be honest, when the forsaken betrayed the horde in WotLK I wanted to side with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky High Shark View Post

    loved the Orcs in WCII and III and the horde has the best races IMHO. allies have the generic humans, generic dwarves, fucking gnomes, and the race I hate above all others...the night elves. /spits
    The only good night elf is not the dead one, but the one shot to pieces.

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    Alliance. I started out as Horde back in 2006 because of my Ex and also stuck with it until two years ago. I am a role player at heart and Horde hardly had any role play (which I found interesting) to offer, so to Alliance I went where role play could be found around nearly every corner. Now it is eight Alliance versus three Horde in my character list. Gods, how I wish I could have more characters slot :/

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    I am alliance because that is where my friends are. I prefer horde for the feeling and that I prefer tauren. It pisses me off that they have to be separate. I hate player factions.

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    alliance. thats where my friends were when i started back in 2006. i came into WoW knowing next to nothing about the alliance or horde. i had played WC2 when i was younger but never really got into it. looking back im glad i chose alliance because i love their history. i also like the horde history but imo its not as interesting as the alliances as a whole.

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    Horde and all my main toons are orcs. I find the alliance weak and wish the warchief would drive them into the ocean.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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