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    7.3.5, enjoying THE World of Warcraft!
    Started Horde and was horde for quite some time, my first choice was a pure moment of "Haha, I can play a COW??". Then one day I realized that Horde side on my old server sucked, so I went Alliance in order to earn gold for crafted 264 boots. I hadn't been to any Alliance zones before that, and I was struck by the beauty, the feel of zones and cities, Duskwood, the Draenei etc. I just liked it way more than the Horde zones and cities, save for Thunder Bluff. I will always love that place. Also, I did NOT like "the feel" and attitude of players on Horde. This "we're evull"-thing. I just hate it, since a lot of players seem to forget that just because they're behind a big green brute, it doesn't give them the right to grief other players.

    Ever since, I've considered Alliance my faction, and Horde the other faction, until MoP hit. Now I have about 50/50 ratio of toons on both sides. I have started playing RACES that I prefer. Goblin, tauren, dwarf, human, worgen, pandaren, gnome, undead, belf. Undead = the race I thought I'd never like. Their lore changed that for me.

    So...I'm not with any faction, I'm with the game and I want to experience it to the fullest.
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    I'm a lore geek, so I play both.

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    Almost all Alliance. Most people I know play that, though first started as undead with a friend. I just... can't get into the Horde. They pretty much lose any claim of nobility through their alliance to undead. There's all of these plague experiments going on right under their noses and have not seen even the slightest protest. Or any in game reference to tauren disapproval of the despoiling of ashenvale etc. etc.

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    I didn't care about faction. Picked Forsaken because of Cannibalize. Picked mage because of portals and conjure food/water. That toon has been my main for 7 years.

    I did roll Alliance alts on other servers when my realm was down, but none of them were very high.
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    ´So.. sorry to bring this up know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still? much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

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    Alliance. Because, while my favorite faction back then was the orcs after WC 3, I wanted to play a mage. And my choices were: Undead (I hadn't finished frozen throne yet so I was like 'wtf are these playable undead and why the **** are they in the Horde?), troll (which I'm not a huge fan of), gnome (I hadn't played wc 2 and they weren't in 3 so I was like 'wtf are these gnome things and where are my high elves) or human. I went with human.

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    Horde, because of Trolls. Loved them ever since they were introduced in the Warcraft universe, and WC3 really solidified that love.

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    I started playing as Horde because my IRL friends that got me into the game were all Hordes on Blackrock

    But if I had to do it all over again, I'd still be Horde.

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    Alliance , prefer the leaders and races they have. Tho i do think trolls are pretty awesome and blood elf lore. Wish worgens would get some love tho such a shame to see Gilneas go to waste

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    Horde all the way, only time I enjoy Alliance was in Warcraft I, been Horde since Warcraft II

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    I picked Horde because I used to play Alliance and realized that Alliance sucks and all of the PvE opportunity on my realm (Zul'jin US) is Horde. Best choice I ever made.

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    World of Warcraft was my first MMORPG as well as first PC game.

    When I set up the 14-day trial (or was it 7?) during The Burning Crusades, I rolled a Human Rogue only because "rogue" sounded cool with visions of Han Solo in my head. I wanted to play a dastardly type of character. I had no clue about the role of classes and such. I got laughed at when I asked why I couldn't equip a shield but continued with it. Stabbing things was pretty fun. All was well and good until I reached Westfall and found it absolutely boring. The quests didn't keep my interest and the environment was in my opinion dull--orange farmland as far as the eye could see. I wanted something a little more exciting and that's when I thought, "Let's see what the Bad Guys are like." By Bad Guys, in my naivety, of course I meant the Horde.

    "Whoa! I can be a zombie?" I rolled a Forsaken Warrior (who I noticed could use shields--I don't know what it was about my want to use a shield) and found the "lore" of the Forsaken extremely compelling. I was fighting ghosts and skeletons and giant spiders and bats and blue dog demons. I remember freaking out when I came upon the sight of my first Abomination and thought I was about to die... but then what? He's on my side? Gordo gave me a quest and when I delivered the weeds to his master, I laughed out loud at the big dunce for mixing up the names and having me collect the wrong weeds. These zombies known as the Forsaken were freakin' awesome guys and I was proud to be a part of them. I never went back to that Human Rogue.

    Some time later, I found a guild and at one point they mentioned they needed a healer. I volunteered and glanced over the healer classes. Didn't like the idea of being a Priest, Paladin's were terrible healers at the time from what I was told, but a Shaman sounded mystical and interesting. I rolled a Troll thinking it was one of those little green guys in Booty Bay and guarding the Brill Zeppelin tower. They looked hilarious and sounded funny, and I liked the idea of being a tiny physical creature with great mystical healing powers. Imagine my surprise when I turned out to be one of the tallest playable races in the game. My disappointment almost made me want to return to the creation screen and delete him immediately, however something strange happened. As I was playing him, I noticed Durotar wasn't as fun or interesting that creepy zombie area but I was starting to fall in love with the look of my character and his animations. Casting was like shooting forth Hadoukens from Street Fighter 2. /train, which I learned quite early and enjoyed spamming, both looked and sounded absolutely hilarious on him. I enjoyed many of his other emotes as well, including /lol with the pointing of his finger. His Jamaican accent was charismatic and pleasing and warm, it put a smile on my face. So I decided to keep him and soon found that Shaman was THE class for me and is what I've been playing ever since.

    I still enjoy playing a warrior (infact I have too many of them spread across different realms and different races) but in my heart, I'm a Darkspear Shaman for the Horde.
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    When I first started out, I played a Night Elf druid. I based it solely on "Whoa, that robe she's wearing is pretty!" I started a Blood Elf Paladin later that day (to this day I can't stand playing druids). Mid-Cata I started playing Alliance again, but now I'm about 50/50. I'm 2nd string for my Rogue's guild, but I only PvP on my Paladin.
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    I like to think I play race over faction, but my choices are overwhelmingly Horde and I find it hard to level Alliance side.

    I like the survivalist feel of the Horde, the underdogs. The tribal underpinnings. Something non-traditional from a fantasy game standpoint. I've never been impressed by knights in shining armor or any of the traditional hero or pretty princess stuff. I want to play something outlandish and misunderstood. I relate better struggling to survive in a world that doesn't want me, to being dismissed as a monster or lesser thing by people who aren't any better than I am.

    The Alliance feels...privileged to me for lack of a better word. Less sympathetic. I can't relate to it nor do I find it particularly interesting... Cept Dwarves. Dwarves are awesome. And even my Dwarf I RP as a Dark Iron who is a recovering Twilight Cultist and certainly not traditionally beautiful. I like Draenei too but in part because they're so out of place and literally alien. Especially the males. I find them charming.
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    I am Horde. At the time when I was super young, I chose it because all of my friends who played were Horde, and we HATED the Alliance. Now I am very indifferent, have played a little Alliance over the years, but mainly have stuck with the Horde because I love the Forsaken.
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    Horde all the way...Why? because of The Forsaken, that's why!!!

    I can't play any othe race unless it was Undead

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    Horde, and the reason are:
    We'z da biggest an' da strongest.
    We'z made fer fightin' an' winnin'.
    We'z got more boyz dan anyone else.
    All an ork eva wantz to do fo'eva iz to keep fightin', winnin', an' lootin'.
    We'z already know everythin' wotz worth learnin'.
    Green iz da orkiest colah.
    Unlike dem 'umiez, greyskins, an' panzees, anyone can be a warboss usin' nofin' more den a choppa an' a litl bit o' dakka.
    Lastly, an' most importantly, da mane reezun it rokkz ta be an Ork iz dis:
    Annoying da boyz on ventrillo wit yell'in:

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    It's history and races just appeal to me. I have played both sides extensively, just can't stand the Alliance.
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    Horde, cause I played Warcraft III.

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    Alliance, because it was the faction my friend played at the time, although the horde races appealed to me more at the time (and I got pissed at my friend who said I couldn't choose those or else we wouldn't be able to play together), now I have characters on both factions, but my mains are on alliance

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    Horde. Been an Orc player since Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans. Honestly, I don't like playing human characters in any game I play. I like the allure of something different or weird. In WoW I have Zero alliance characters, but in WC2 I was a big fan of making maps and I always liked Uther Lightbringer. Don't even know why, maybe I just liked saying his name. I don't like the lion symbol for alliance; even though I'm a leo. Might have something to do with my Irish heritage . Even still I always liked Zul'Jin, Gorefiend, and Grom. So I think that carried over into WoW. I like the ugly races and I like being the bad guy because in life I gotta be the good guy maybe?! I don't know, I like this thread though. Good question OP....+2 Internets to you.

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