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    I'm playing on Horde atm, but my heart will always be with the Alliance. Many races of the horde have always been too close to the dark, if not evil side for me. I will always be a human paladin at heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lostwood View Post
    I'm enjoying both sides.

    Having said that, I do prefer Horde. It's better 'fleshed out' than the other side. Alliance content feels rushed and half-finished.
    This, but I do love my Worgen! I just wish they hadn't fudged up on the female model...

    When I started my very first character, it was a Tauren Warrior on Scarlet Crusade named Krull. My second was on a trial, a male Night Elf Hunter named Feorel. My next few on Dalvengyr were Hordies, and they've stayed my mains since (but they've been moved and race/faction changed). Since then I have added numerous alts and my main Hordie now- my female Orc Monk. ^_^
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    I mostly liked the Human side back in Warcraft 1 and 2 so I planned on being mainly Alliance. But my friends were Horde so my Main wound up being Horde and it's too hard to change now.

    I have toons on both sides though.
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    We migrated from Horde to Alliance because the server is almost completely dead on Horde when everyone came back pre-MoP and two or three players were already on Alliance, so faction transfer made more sense than switching server and forcing those guys to do the €45 switch.

    I don't really have a bias for playing one side or the other, but I prefer the Horde races (particularily trolls). It has been refreshing to play an expansion from the other side's storytelling perspective for once, though. Plus we have a jedi prince.
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    Played Nelf back in WC3. My Clan wants to play horde. So I also started as horde. And since I don't really like playing alts I sticked to that first char up to now. Druid since 2005!
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    Horde for me. A friend made my brother and our roommate roll on Kalecgos(Seems to be a popular story for that dead realm) and he was a Belf Hunter.
    I found it more interesting because the Alliance races seemed too dull. At the time I thought: "I'm already human, why'd I want to play a human?" and since Dwarves and Gnomes look similar to humans I went Horde because they were all different looking.
    I like Belf the most because I rolled a reasoning: "ELF WITH A SWORD OMFG!" and back a month and a half before Wrath release they did not have Belf Warriors.
    My second character was an Undead Warlock. Because the female's cloaks sway back and forth when you run and they have cool casting animations.

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    My main is Horde, mostly because I like Orcs but I also have a couple 90 allied as well, I feel the lore to the allied side is much better, especially in Wrath

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    I play Forsaken. I like how they have a sinister evil image, while in fact acting rationally and reasonably - while righteous paladins shit bricks and spew foam.

    I also have a female draenei, because they are hawt. Otherwise I'd make my Alliance alt a dwarf.
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    I play both. I have more horde toons though.

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