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    illuminated healing and recount

    Is it my recount being messy or dose the recount only track the healing done from the iluminated shield when its either expierd or fully absorbed?

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    A little more information would help. What exactly is your recount doing? It should be recording anytime IH absorbs damage.

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    Basicly was applying full iluminate healing shield on my self and had a mob attack me it dosent reconunt the healing shield unless the shield expiers or its fully absorbed if i keep applying the shield it will never recount anything..

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    It does record it a little strangely. The reality is in a raid the shields aren't going to go unbroken / unexpired so the overall data should be accurate. WoL sometimes places me slightly higher than recount which perhaps accounts for those unused / unexpired shields right at the end of a boss encounter.

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    Recount has historically had issues with tracking and recording aborbs properly.

    Now, I hate to be that guy, but you might find Skada more accurate ingame.

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