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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuubi87 View Post
    Not everyone enjoy Arena and RBGs allow for more class/spec diversity.
    rbg's are so racist towards melee atm you gotta be kidding me.

    also you are saying you can fit more specs into 10 people team than you can into 3 people team? whaaaaa...

    in 3 ppl enviroment 1 person accounts for 33% of the perfomance in an ideal situation
    in 10 ppl enviroment 1 person accounts for 10% of the performance in an ideal situation, ofc you can carry 1 baddie around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helltrixz View Post
    Does anyone have a screenshot or a video of this specific spot? I'd look for it myself, but the random eots doesn't have walls. :S
    I'll try to get one picture next time I play. If it takes a while I'll PM it to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldhearth View Post
    Except you can't thunderstorm in EoTS anymore due to the invisible walls. Care to rephrase?
    They aren't invisible and if your DK is good he can grip them to a spot that they can definitely be knocked off from. The far sides of the bridges don't have walls, for instance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cariboulou View Post
    It's a pain in the ass. Played against a setup with two or three boomkins and one ele shammy in eots. My team was flying EVERYHWERE
    Try playing this team: 1 Resto Druid, 2 Boomkins, 2 Ele, 2 BM Hunters. It was pretty insane. Typhoons and explosive traps and lightning storm galore!
    Makes me wish we had more DK's for Pillar. Lol.

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