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    Disabled Gamers? Check out Short Guide to Dungeon/Raid Jumps

    Warcraft jumping getting you down? Check out the new guide on keyboard free jumping for disabled gamers!

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    Now that is a comprehensive guide.

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    ... I didn't even know WoW had that movement pad thingy.

    A well made and interesting guide that I'm sure some amongst us would find helpful (though the pedantic so and so in me is fighting hard to nitpick certain, very minor aspects of the production, but not really the content itself).

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    There were a few spots in the audio I wasn't 100% happy with and I hate when talking motion is mismatched. Eventually I'd like a better mic and to not be a Vegas noob. Learning as I go so don't be afraid to give production advice!
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    very cool thanks

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    Awesome guide.
    It always makes me happy when I see ways for disabled gamer's to play the game, or any game really.

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    you can play wow with the kinect as well for those gamers without hands.
    Oi! Hey you! Will you check out my latest podcast episode that discusses tomb raiders & curses!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    you can play wow with the kinect as well for those gamers without hands.
    I just looked up an article about that and i'll definitely share it on my site this week. Thanks for the heads up!

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    just subbed , booyah another Husky fan ><

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    This video made me smile .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManOluck View Post
    just subbed , booyah another Husky fan ><
    Bronze League Heroes is the best!

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    Got any plans for any vids about raiding? addons, strategies, anything you do to make raid bosses more accessible to disabled gamers?

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    I'm actually trying to get enough footage from tot to do boss tips, but keep forgetting to restart fraps every 30sec in my guilds 10mans. (hectic healing & remembering) so i may break down & record in lfr. Keep watching, they'll be up eventually!

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