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    Heat Sink suggestions?

    Hi all,

    I recently had to replace an old psu for a new 600watt psu. However, ever since I put in the new one my heat sink revs up in real quick short bursts. More so when I'm playing a game on my pc. I looked up and read that its technically normal for it to rev up, as its trying to keep the pc cool. However I'm just paranoid that it wont last long with the new psu. I should also add in the fact that its roughly 3-4 yrs old and its the same one that came with the desktop. Could anyone recommend a decent heat sink that may have an easier time handling my new psu and my gaming, which mostly consists of WoW, Starcraft and D3.

    Thank you in advance.

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    A new, high-quality power supply would not be causing your CPU cooler to rev up unintentionally. Are you monitoring your temps regularly? If not, download HWMonitor and note the temps when your cooler is revving up.

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    Any halfway decent fan can run at 100% for years without failing, so there's nothing to worry about.
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    I have never been in a situation where I had to monitor my pc's temp, nor have had any issues such as this in the past. I downloaded HW Monitor and decided to hold off on replying until my cpu started doing its revs. The temps show a max of 59 degrees and the value of when the cpu cooler revs happens exactly at the temp or within a degree or two. Unfortunately im a new new poster so I cant post any images. Also, the fans max rpm is 1925 and its value during rev is 1551 for fanin0 and fanin1 is at 610 rpm with a max of 970 rpm. If that makes any sense.

    Actually, pretty much every value is near the max temp for each part its monitoring, minus the graphics card. Its max temp is at 60 degrees and its sitting at 39 degrees. Im all ears to any forms of advice or suggestions.

    Another reason why I feel my CPU cooler needs to replaced is when I booted my PC after I installed my new PSU, the screen had an "system fan has failed" error message. I quickly turned it off and researched that error on another pc. However, the message has yet to pop up again ever since that one particular time.

    Again, thank you in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blargh312 View Post
    Any halfway decent fan can run at 100% for years without failing, so there's nothing to worry about.
    Thats... not actually true, at all. Firstly, it may be running at 100% due to overheating, which IS a problem. Secondly, the fan is noisy at 100%. Thirdly, a fan running at 100% will burn out the bearings a lot faster.

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    Out of curiousity, what CPU do you have?
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    The Max Temp value in HWMonitor is not the maximum temperature the component can operate at safely, it's the maximum temperature said component hit while HWMonitor was running. If you have an Intel CPU, 59C is completely harmless (most of them have maximum safe temps of around 90C).

    If you got a system fan error I'd open up your PC and make sure that your CPU fan's power is plugged in correctly and firmly.

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    So once I got home from work this evening I decided to pop open my pc and check the cables. Their all nice and snug. So i started it up with the case open to see if there was anything I could see, and behold the case fan was not spinning at all. A quick replacement and all seems well in the world. No error message on start up and so far no revvs and my pc is quieter than a purring kitten. Only time will tell though.

    Thanks for everyones help. ^_~


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    corsair H60 !!! think my mobo has frost bite from how cool that bitch runs

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    good god. I did a quick google search on that....that would never fit in my pc. I know my next pc I ever get will be custom built, so all the fun stuff would fit inside it. haha. I'm rocking an HP atm... >_>

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