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    Megaera and Horridon Questions

    Hi all, I have been trying out unholy for a little bit now but I am still wondering how to execute the spec properly on Horridon and Megaera, I have been going frost specifically for these 2 fights. On Horridon should I be starting out with fester blighting on the boss and try to keep it rolling while killing adds or use the basic unholy rotation until after 4th door? My question for Megaera would be is fester blight worth it since the heads die so quickly? Sorry if this topic has been discussed somewhere else I was unable to find these answers in previous threads.


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    If you can stay on the boss full time you can festerblight the whole fight. If you need to swap to adds, aoe disease spread can hit boss and screw up your festerblight. 4th door festerblight is what I do if I have to kill adds. Megaera normal UH rotation, heads die too quickly even on hc.

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    Depending on add control on Horridon it's worth leaving Timmy on the boss the whole time as well, just put him on passive and make him attack and he will sit on him the whole fight. Once fourth door comes up I usually just spread dots now and then on the adds and just burn boss. Wow now that I think about it I havn't killed him in almost a month x.x
    Mag pretty much what Faids said. On HC you can spread dots really easily from the adds to the heads that aren't going to be burned down that time, and it's extra damage. I'm not saying do it on purpose it just happens a lot from my experience.

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