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    Heroic Council 25m need advice

    So I think we're gonna get this one out of the way first before the others, so I wanted to know how you guys handle the fight ? We have an avg guild ilvl of 523.. Should we be following the normal mode pattern of burning down sul and killing him before he empowers eventually ? Or do it like method did it.. Also any tips for each empowerment would be appreciated.. best way to handle frostbite (single person heal through with cd's.. or rotating groups).. best way to handle kazra.. and marli.. When should the raid be stacked and when spread..
    Oh and the tooltip on twisted fate is kinda unclear.. do the clones do 250k raid wide dmg per clone ? so 500k dmg every 3 seconds ? Or 250k total.. And when one of them is dead, is that 100k damage added to the previous damage or is it substituted ? How crucial is it to kill them both at the same time.. What classes are best used for twisted fate bait ? what root/stun works best..
    And in general any other tips would be nice..

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    If you position yourself correctly, Twisted Fate will be doing ~25k per clone every 3 seconds (I think it's a minimum value, though it might be slightly less), which isn't much. If you kill one, the other starts ticking for 100k. Add to this Priests being able to root them with Void Tendrils and they're rather easy to handle... early on. Second Mar'li possess still isn't that bad, but during the third one, you have tons of +damage stacks on the raid and it gets quite dangerous. Best to burn them quickly at this point, possibly saving second round of pots to do that. Well, unless you manage to kill her in two possess phases or she's at low hp.

    Malakk - I prefer to heal through first two frostbites while solo soaking. It's a massive mana drain, but much simpler than trying to rotate a person through several groups, walking into quicksand or charge or messing something else. Third Frostbite is entirely luck dependant. By that time, it will be hitting for over 350k - best to just let that person die and res them afterwards. Also, his possess is by far the easiest, so use that chance to damage other bosses. Hell, sometimes we even let him heal a bit - he always drops very low due to cleaves and you don't want him to die too fast. If you do, Kazra'jin can get his turn before your cooldowns are ready. Which hurts. A lot.

    Kazrajin - keep in mind that he isn't reflecting damage during charge *and* during first charge after possess. It might not seem like much, but it's a chance to sneak some extra damage early on while still trying to kill Sul. Other than that, nothing really special there. Group up after a charge, chain defensive cooldowns, avoid next charge. The last part is probably the most important - some people don't realize that his charge leaves a trail on the ground that does quite a bit of damage. Combined with Discharge ticking for >50k/s, it can be lethal.

    Sul - always killed him before he got possesed. You can drag Malakk initial phase a bit longer to squeeze some extra damage there. The other two are rather risky due to significant raid damage.

    Other than that, stay spreaded most of the time. Once Sul dies, it's possible to group a bit more, but you still need to watch out for Biting Cold and Charges. About the only time when you really stack up is during Kazrajin possess, where you absolutely need that extra healing/raid cooldowns.

    Edit: Oh yeah, quite important - always have a Priest standing furthest away from Marli. That way, it's almost certain one Twisted Fate will spawn there = instant roots = very low damage. Keeping another priest close to melee can also help - but this one has to watch out for Quicksand/Biting Cold, so it's slightly harder. Might be easier to just grip and stun it.
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    logs from the longest attempt.. Do you guys have any input based on that ? Low end spectrum on the dps seems pretty low for sure.. Do you have have any class specific tips for those classes ? What about the healers ? Anything they can do to improve ? Anything basically that you think we can do to be better would be appreciated..

    We were going for killing sul before his empowerment but we simply don't have the dps to do that it seemed.. by the time kazra was done, I think at best we had sul down to ~10%.. So maybe if everyone pushed harder it'd be possible..

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