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    Smile It's been a while my friends...

    So, I'm thinking about coming back.. Aside from the terrible (IMO) ending to Cataclysm, I decided to pack my bags and head out from playing WoW. But, from what I've heard, MOP's offered a new view and twist to the game that's interested me in coming back to check it out.

    Now, I'll be coming back and wiping off the dust from my trusty ole Ret Pally, and I'm wondering.. is Ret worth it anymore? Ever since the inception of Burning Crusade, I strapped in for the terrible and most confusing roller coaster ride that I've ever experienced with a class. Ret's had it's ups and downs, but from what some have told me, it's not up to par with many of the melee classes anymore? Mind you, I typically fair well compared to other Ret's as far as dps and such. I have a lot of Hardcore raiding experience and take rotations, gearing and optimization seriously, so I wouldn't be at the bottom of the totem pole at least.

    Anyways, I'll probably end up leveling as Ret just to experience the new changes that the expansion has brought and I'd like to know if it'd be a waste or not to run the spec for raiding. My offspec was Holy when I raided and I enjoyed it almost as much as Ret.

    Let me know

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    Welcome back to the game!

    If you're looking to re-level as a Paladin, I'd recommend going through the stickies for a general overview of the state of the class. Other than that, you'll have to make the choice of spec yourself, since you'll be the one playing ('fun' being a very subjective thing).


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