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    Poisons are literally 40% of rogue's total dmg. All that dmg is ticking passively during lightning storm, wereas fury warriors get a couple ticks of rend for like 50k and that's it. Obviously rogue will do more damage.
    Huh? why should we stop attacking during lightning storm? That's soo much downtime and a huge dps loss .. you can't compare it like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by senturion View Post
    5.3: experience needed to level from 85-90 has been reduced by 33%

    Best chance to switch to DK, Rogue or Warlock. Immediate 20%-50% buff in DPS for us
    If switching to one of those classes increases your dps by 20-50%, you are a terrible, terrible warrior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalmah View Post
    You whine a lot. Instead of whining so much, either reroll already or spend that energy to actually get good at your class.
    Seeing as he is a warrior he should "spend that rage" instead.

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    To be honest this was actually quite funny haha!
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    I need to start watching this forum more closely so I can catch this stuff early.

    Don't post just to stir up crap on our forum, please. There was nothing constructive, at all, about a thread like this.

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