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    need help with Tidy Plates (health plates/thread plates)

    I'm using the lates version of tidy plates with the 'quarte damage' theme,
    what i want is to show the plates by thread, when the mob is neutral i want the plate to be yellow, when it is hostile i want it to be red, but I also want the colour of the bar to change when a mob reaches low health, like 20%, is it possible with this addon?

    i know i can change the health bar colour under 'health bar mode' to either 'by thread' or 'by health', but as i said i would like to have both

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    It seems as far as I can tell to not be possible, only one condition per element of the nameplate.
    You could set as far as I can tell the colour of the glow to indicate the threat, and the healthbar to change colour to indicate low health (execute range) targets as I have done just that myself.
    The healthbar, the glow, the colour of the name, an additional text field, the opacity and scale can all be adjusted in that way, but only by a single condition at a time.

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