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    Notification for calendar invites?

    I am currently using ElvUI and unfortunately I am not getting any visual notification when I have pending calendar invites like you get in the standard UI.
    That has lead me to forgetting to sign up for raids on time which makes me embarassed and my raidleader probably a bit mad.

    Is there a way to solve that with weakauras?
    Ideally it would show an icon when I have a pending calendar invite that is within a week from now.

    I am not set on weakauras so if anyone knows a seperate addon to get that functionality I would be very happy as well.

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    If ElvUI supports DataBroker addons then there are choices there to cover most options.

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    I had the exact same problem.

    This addon is what you need - it will notify you instantly when you receive and invite.

    And when you logon a day when you have a scheduled event, it will also notify you


    First post so cant post links

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    nice, thanks braj

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