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    Trouble with Tidyplates

    Having some trouble getting tidyplates to turn enemy health bars green and then red when they're below 20%.

    I've set health bar color to go by health. adjusted the slider to set "low health" to 20% as well as make low health red. My friend has the same setup and we've gone over seemingly every option in tidyplates and both of ours are exactly the same yet his enemy health bars are green and change as they die, mine stay red the entire time and never change.

    Any tips on what we're missing? Thanks for any suggestions!

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    My guess would be to check if you are doing it on the correct role/spec.
    /tidyplates, and click the spanner icon for your primary or secondary spec.
    Then go through the settings,
    Health Bar Colour: By Health.
    Health, set the high and low health thresholds with the low I set to the execute range percentage.
    And the colours.

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    I'm not sure what you're referring to when you said the "spanner icon" for primary/secondary spec?

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    /tidyplates should bring you to this section.
    Those spanner icons.

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    It worked. Thank you so much man, I really appreciate it

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    No problem.
    I recently went about getting that same effect myself, a colour for the low health.

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