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    The day my Fiance stops playing will be the day I stop, although it probably not through choice

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    The day they close the servers probably. Don't see that happening anytime soon though.

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    I don't get what's the fuss about no dungeons. They are same as scenarios - aoe your way through. You don't even need to have healer, now and then player who can heal throw you some offheals.

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    I'll most likely stop playing if they revert to a philosophy like 4.3, when capping a character took 2 hours.
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    Asking such a question on a site that seemingly(doubth it tho, they are just the loudest) have more ppl that have quit wow then ppl playing it is begging for it :P
    You got ppl have "grown out of it" yet I know ppl with kids,wife/husband,full time job still managing to raid 3d/w xD

    OT: More then likely never, unless Titan manage in some magical way to make me abandon wow and the ridiculousness amount of time spent on it.

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    I will stop playing when I don't like to play anymore. What else is there to it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    I will stop playing WoW for these reasons:
    1: If the lore is completely dead and ruined.
    2: I no longer find it fun to play or the money isn't worth it.
    3: If I go poor and have to live in a cardboard box with my hello kitty plushy (kidding on that last part).
    exactly the same here..
    i will most likeley stop for a month or two if they make a J.B commercial..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    1: If the lore is completely dead and ruined.
    They beat you to it around the time when Arthas died and all the lore thereafter was stuff they either had to recycle, retcon and generally make up as they go along. Their old writing time was far, far superior (from the Warcraft days).

    As for me, i'll likely stop playing when my girlfriend and I move in together. I'm in Northern Ireland and she's in Norway, so it's a decent way to pass the time when we have that gap between us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    I see no point in compelling integration. If you can't make your society sufficiently enticing to integrate willingly, then perhaps its not so superior.
    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    There's nothing wrong with Islam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokoz View Post
    When WoW 2 comes out.

    In all honesty though.. if they ever went to a F2P with a Cosmetic/Loot bags store.. I'd probably stop playing.

    The amount of gold spammers would increase.
    The amount of horrible raiders would increase.
    Expansions/patches would take way longer to be released (most likely).
    People would probably start developing hacks for WoW.. (I know there already are some but.. it would be a lot more noticeable. )
    Trolls would be everywhere.. WHO cares if they get banned they can make another account.

    So this would make me quit q-q
    This is same for me, WoW might have changed over the years but WoW is in my eyes still more special then other games due the monthly pay system.

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    When I decide to quit playing games and move on with my life

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    the day the servers go down (never)

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    I'll decide at the end of this expansion. However, if I stop, I will return when/if they announce Sargeras as a raidboss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokoz View Post
    if they ever went to a F2P with a Cosmetic/Loot bags store.. I'd probably stop playing.
    This would make me quit, other than that... When I get bored/find something better. Hard to say when that'll happen, I can't seem to tear myself away from WoW.

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    When Elder Scrolls Online is released and if it's at least as good as WoW. I like its lore more.
    This is the closest day there's a chance I might quite WoW.

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    Quit 2 months ago and not looking back just deleted WoW, PTR, Beta clients and D3 off my pc the other day and havnt had the urge to play since I quit, looking forward to ESO or Wildstar.

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    When I die or when I don't enjoy the game anymore.

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    I will stop playing it for good when I can't get anymore fun from it. Although I got to say, since the death of the Lich King, the game has become less special, in my eyes.
    Until then, I would keep a sub constantly. After that, I find it easy to stop playing (and I did so on several occasions, even dropping my sub).

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    When I get bored of it I guess or it goes F2P. If it goes f2p I am out there and then since f2p games are far far far from free if you realy want to play the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terresa View Post
    As the a/m subject says...I will stop playing World Of Warcraft, if they kill off Lady Sylvannas!

    What will force you to stop playing WoW? and Why?
    I quit WoW in January. The death of 25 man raiding and all my friends having stopped playing did it for me.
    Veteran vanilla player - I was 31 back in 2005 when I started playing WoW - Nostalrius raider with a top raid guild.

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    When there exists a MMORPG of higher quality.
    Maybe Titan. Maybe not. WoW is too good and long-term fun for Blizzard's own good.

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