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    Question Does High Overlord Saurfang sound like Sean Connery to you?

    A bet with my guildee - When we first got to the Deathbringer fight in ICC, I heard Saurfang, and went, "That sounds like Sean Connery." For the rest of the times we ran it, I would do my imitation of him, while reading the text... Everyone got a laugh, and it became something of a good luck charm.

    Cut to Today, there is a Guildee who wasn't around with us then, who is an argumentative little *blank* and said, "If you can find three people who will agree with you, I'll never say otherwise again."

    So what are your thoughts? Does the voice actor who did Saurfang have a semi-Sean Connery-esque manner of speaking? Or is my argumentative guildee right, and you can't draw any similarities between the two?

    Saurfang Audio - (About halfway through) -
    Sean Connery - (James Bond Quotes) -

    "Sorry guys- it's hotkeyed onto my mouse..."

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    a bit i think yes

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    Try listening to Razuvious in Naxxramas.

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    High Overlord Saurfang has the best Orc voice in game.

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    I'll check our Razuvious. Thanks for replying guys.

    "Sorry guys- it's hotkeyed onto my mouse..."

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    Connery and M. Freeman doing voiceovers in this game would be outstanding.
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    Not seeing any similarities. Does sound a little like Optimus Prime from the movies though.

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    Reminded me more of James Earl Jones than Sean Connery

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    Not at all.

    But to be sure I would have to hear him say Citypost.
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    guys, we all hate annoying guild-mates. and we all love to prove them wrong.

    so yeah. that sounds totally like Sean Connery.

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