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    I will Stop playing World Of Warcraft,If / When!?!?!

    As the a/m subject says...I will stop playing World Of Warcraft, if they kill off Lady Sylvannas!

    What will force you to stop playing WoW? and Why?

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    I will no longer play World of Warcraft when I no longer get enjoyment from it. Which already happened and was because I grew out of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SourceOfInfection View Post
    When I no longer get enjoyment from it.
    this^^ its why I play the game :P

    that being said I'll push through a lot of not enjoyment and keep playing but after a raid tier if I'm not "happy" when the last boss goes down I'll consider it
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    When WoW 2 comes out.

    In all honesty though.. if they ever went to a F2P with a Cosmetic/Loot bags store.. I'd probably stop playing.

    The amount of gold spammers would increase.
    The amount of horrible raiders would increase.
    Expansions/patches would take way longer to be released (most likely).
    People would probably start developing hacks for WoW.. (I know there already are some but.. it would be a lot more noticeable. )
    Trolls would be everywhere.. WHO cares if they get banned they can make another account.

    So this would make me quit q-q

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    I'm finished at the end of the this expansion. If I knew they weren't making 5 mans anymore I wouldn't have bought it to begin with.

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    I've been down this road so many times myself. The need to quit for many reasons. First off, the major one and I'm sure anyone in the same boat knows, being completely burnt out on a certain aspect of the game. Maybe it's boredom, or maybe I left my glory with killing the Lich King, that I can't see myself raiding harder content. I want to be there, but fighting for almost two and half years to rid myself of this feeling isn't healthy. In all reality though, the world would have to end. WoW is my core game that I like to play, and even though I have issues to work out within it, it's something that isn't worth letting go off. Too much time put in to let it go.

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    When I stop enjoying it, most likely.

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    Ill stop, once i see remember back in vanilla threads stop, looks like ill be playing forever.
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    I will stop playing WOW the day it goes Free to Play.
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    If it ever goes Pay 2 Win (RL money), then I'm off.
    Free 2 Play, I'm really considering it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SourceOfInfection View Post
    I will no longer play World of Warcraft when I no longer get enjoyment from it.
    Echoing this.

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    I quit about a month ago as I got bored and, on top of that, I don't like the general direction this game is going.

    I'll probably be back when the next expansion hits the shelves though.

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    No, yeah, when it gets boring, or I need to save money. Sometimes I'll take a break, but if they keep up with the level of content they've been producing, I don't foresee walking away forever any time soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SourceOfInfection View Post
    I will no longer play World of Warcraft when I no longer get enjoyment from it. Which already happened and was because I grew out of it.
    Yet you still bother reading the wow forums.

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    I will stop playing WoW for these reasons:
    1: If the lore is completely dead and ruined.
    2: I no longer find it fun to play or the money isn't worth it.
    3: If I go poor and have to live in a cardboard box with my hello kitty plushy (kidding on that last part).

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    when its not fun for me anymore.

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    I'd stop playing if:
    1 - they scrapped specs and made all spells available for each class without any specialization, I need some distinctions
    2 - the game got more expensive (basically if they added pay-to-win, raised the sub cost etc.)
    3 - I didn't have the time for it anymore (in fact, I'm not subbed right now in order to focus on my upcoming exams, will re-sub after)
    4 - they introduced way too many childish features into it (I prefer darker stuff, couldn't stand it if it became a game for 6yrs old+)

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    Hm, I quit when I have exams soon, so since I had exams at x mas, and again in may and june, that pretty much this entire year

    Although next year im back on to assignment based only, so I'll be re-subbing again then, but what would make me quit full time?

    Ive got very few good friends left ingame, if they buggered off then I wouldn't bother,
    F2P idk, I might, someone made a comment about even worse raiders come, but thats not entirely fair, I know 3 people who were decent raiders and quit because they didnt feel as if they were getting the content for cash, they'd come back if it went f2p to try it

    idk, they have to pretty much do a huge fuck up to make me permanently quit, its probably more aimed at the community if I go tbh

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    If I no longer enjoy it, and my girlfriend and friends quit.

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    When the game is not enjoyable anymore.
    Though, for me, the enjoyment died alot when MoP started to crash repeatedly on my Nvidia GT 540M card; There has been no fix to this issue to my knowledge (updated all drivers; removed addons etc). If anyone has a definitive fix, you are welcome to share, though.

    Not willing to resub thanks to this, even though a couple of friends are willing to come back.

    Even if its F2P, WoW should at least run properly to convince me to come back. [have doubts though]
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