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    I would be tempted to say, that if they merged servers and I lost 2 or more names, I may be so grumpy to stop for a bit. Though knowing myself, I would keep writing to Blizzard to get my names back. And I refuse to use special charecters just to have my names.

    World of warcraft has given me so much, not only gameplay, but also social. So, I can't see myself leaving for something changing in the game, I just see possibilities.

    Like OP said, he/she would leave if Sylvanas was killed off. I see it as a chance for a little bigger war/RP/gameplay. If Sylvanas suddenly falls, then I imagin Gilneas, Stormwind and maybe even the last people of Lordaeron, trying to assult and reclaim their lands - making Warcraft a war again. But that's just one view point. Maybe would lead to the forsaken have to adept, or finding a new home. Or my biggest nerd scream, they are sealed within the Undercity. Alliance building and reclaiming the lands above, as the forsaken a captured below - leading to a squad of goblin tunnel diggers to breach into Undercity with a digging machine, making a new entrance that leads out a little further away from topside. Giving a little feel of a war of need, creating terror as you would see Alliance soldiers attempting to hold back rampaging forsaken who tries to reclaim the top side.
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    When I no longer have the slightest inclination to play it and all my WoW playing friends feel the same way, most likely. I've stopped playing on my own before, but usually a friend can sucker me back into playing. I'm weak, I know.

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    When the storytelling is dried up,
    When old setbacks bosses are revisted,
    when Old Gods are the fallback plot devices,
    when faction favoritism is so thick it distorts relevant lore,
    when the difference in pvp and pve gear is so great it leaves anyone questing for pve rep defenseless,
    When I start to make this many posts on an online forum and realize the only reason I keep posting here is because all of my friends in game have already left.


    Whenever it suits me.

    (P.S. All the reasons above were the reason I made a 10 month hiatus during Cata)

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    If my guild disbands completely (all my raiding pals go seperate ways), I might quit. The only other reason I can think of would be if a new game was released that I enjoyed so much more that it would be worth it to let go of something I've invested this much time in.

    Also, DK pandas? I quit.

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    When it stops being fun. Which from the way MoP turned doesn't look like any time soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ttak82 View Post
    When the game is not enjoyable anymore.
    Though, for me, the enjoyment died alot when MoP started to crash repeatedly on my Nvidia GT 540M card; There has been no fix to this issue to my knowledge (updated all drivers; removed addons etc). If anyone has a definitive fix, you are welcome to share, though.

    Not willing to resub thanks to this, even though a couple of friends are willing to come back.

    Even if its F2P, WoW should at least run properly to convince me to come back. [have doubts though]
    It does run properly. But no programmer/coder can build a game around *every* possible configuration of video card, RAM, etc. Just because you're having issues doesn't mean its the game's fault. I also run an Nvidia Geforce card and the game runs beautifully (59-61 FPS on Ultra with max Multisampling).

    Nvidia's last drivers were buggy and caused issues with a number of games and programs. For instance I can no longer use Blender because the latest Geforce drivers cause a 1-2 second delay with *everything* that I try to do. Delays + 3d modeling = not fun.

    On topic, I'll leave WoW when the servers shut down for the last time, or when the people I love stop playing. I don't anticipate either occurring for a long, long time though.

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    I will stop playing WoW when The Elderscrolls Online comes out I think. I need something else to spend my monthly allowance on.

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    when it goes free 2 play or something cooler comes out.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    When they shut the servers down.
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    when i get a girlfriend.
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    When a straight better or more refined MMO comes out. That'll be Blizzard's Titan most probably whatever kind of game that is.

    I'm currently unsubbed (for last couple of weeks) and I'm already considering resubbing as no other MMO feels as, how can I say it.. refined? I mean from WoW I can find the least reasons/issues why I should not play it.

    I wonder if it's already the time to roll a new character for the next expansion in mind..? I know I don't want to gear too much in MoP anymore as when I'm done with it the next expansion comes out tomorrow.

    One of the issues I have with WoW is the gear based progression, yeah, quite a major one..
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    As of two days ago, because I realized I was terribly bored.(Not necessarily dissing on the game, personal preference.)

    I'll be back, perhaps when the seige of org hits, although I kinda doubt it since Bliz decided that we shouldn't have dungeons with catch-up gear anymore.

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    When I no longer enjoy it. I honestly dont see it happening anytime soon.

    Since I dont do anything but Raid, and the raiding (from a fight mechanic standpoint) is getting even better, and more enjoyable for me, I think Ill be playing for quite a while longer :P

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    When my guild finds a replacement tank for me. Hopefully sooner than later.
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    I havn't played WoW for a long time so I guess the reason would be when I no longer find it exciting.

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    After lich king dies oh wait ... After DW dies oh wait ... After monks come .. Oh wait .. Inactive since Dec .. Feels good

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    I've already stopped a few months back. I barely have any free time and thus I can only be casual, which doesn't make you really enjoy the game, at least not for me. I'm a PvP'er mostly in an almost dead server (EU Uldum) so, the little free time I have I wanna get most of it, but, without people to play with it's turned really boring. As for PvP... it's turned into a chaotic CC war, every other class and its mother have a million CC (except maybe Monks and Warlocks, imo).

    MoP is really ALT unfriendly, I can't barely do everything I want on a daily basis on my 2 main chars, plus I wanted a Monk and I haven't managed to level his professiones up yet... I know the game has plenty of things to offer to be entertained (I try to solo stuff and get xmog gear), but what I really enjoy is PvP competition. I can't afford transfering my 2 main chars to another server plus the montly subscription... Finally, the LFR rolls hate me, it's like the game doesn't want to allow me to gear up...

    With all of this the last few months I felt I was wasting money on the game... so... I had all the signs to stop playing.
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    When my brother stops playing it, when it becomes pay-to-win, or they increase the subscription price by at least 1 $

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    When I stop enjoying it, witch I don't do anymore atm.

    I hope I can return once again, but for now there is not even a slight urge. He'll if somebody payed my sub, I wouldent even log inn proboaly. Nothing much to do. Maybe I would mess around on lowbie characters, kinda getting that new fealing or something.
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