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    What bosses are you using your coins on each week?

    Just a curiosity question more than anything else, what bosses people are spending their coins on. This thread is mostly concerned with people who use their own deductive reasoning to spend their coins rather than those who use Mr.Robot or similar systems that think for you on these matters.

    Are you using them on the same bosses each week nowadays?

    Do you factor in the number of pieces a given boss drops, or are you primarily after specific pieces?

    Do you save one (or more) wildcard coins each week for progression bosses?

    Do you horde coins to carryover to the next week for reasons other than saving for progression bosses?

    Do you factor thunder forge with any of your rolls (ie: roll for a boss whose best item you already have in hopes of a thunder-forged version of it)


    I've been using a coin on Megaera every single week (have yet to see that stupid trinket drop even once for our group, be it a regular drop or a coin roll from anyone at all in the group).

    The other two coins I save for progression bosses, but default to Iron Qon (for ring) and Oondasta (again for ring, still trying to replace 509 hit/crit shit after all this time) should we fail with progression quota for the week.

    I have yet to see a thunderforged item looted by any player from a coin roll, and while I know its been stated to be possible on paper, I don't feel the odds are favorable to trying for TF weapons.
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    If you're Demo, Lei Shen+Tier until you get the trinket and 4 set. After that, Heroic bosses that drop weapons until you get a good one.

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    Any boss that provides me with the best upgrades possible, don't care if its a weapon,trinket of a wrist because you have to get every slot eventually. And if I have to make a choice between bosses then the boss with the best upgrade for me.

    Doesn't hurt that I was able to stack my coins (got 8 left now) and that we are progressing on the hydra boss now.

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    Tier, OH and trinkets are the only items worth it.

    I'm an LFR scrub and even I have 8 pieces of 522 gear thanks to valor and Nalak including 522 hands/legs.

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    Got the wand I've been coining for each week from Horridon this week and coined the Council trinket last week having already gotten 2 set (got 4 pieces but only using 2 since... Well the 4set is pretty garbage compared to the stats you get from Heroic Thunderforged shiz) I, at the moment am not to sure of where to use them apart from Mageara for trinket.

    This is from 9/13HC experience and at the moment I think Mageara, Ji-kun and Animus if we end up killing him this week might be the best choices.

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    Tier bosses only. Still only got one piece of T15. It seems only the hunter shammy tokens drop in my group.

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    Council, Megeara, Animus. Also known as trinket trio. We have 5 caster dps in our 10 man and no caster trinket dropped for us thus far.

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    Out of normal modes, I only need to flip for Lei Shen. I have also flipped coins for Nalak, Horridon, Megaera, Dark Animus, Iron Qon, and Twins.
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    I usually make a list of all upgrades dropping from each boss and give the items points 1-3 then I roll on the bosses with the most points.

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    Since I'm not in the most progressive raid group, I spend mine on Nalak, Oondasta, and Horridon. I really need that staff upgrade.
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    Megaera for the trinket (& neck), Dark Animus for the head, Ji'Kun for the belt.
    If I ever get one of those 3, probably Council until I get the TF version of the trinket.

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    Nalak, got my Tyr Bracers last week!
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    I use the AskMrRobot tool to tell me the top 3 for my raid groups current progression so it's constantly changing. When I don't have enough bosses to roll on I use the extra on Ji-Kun for a shot at the mount.

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    Humm. right now the gear i need are head (currently 504), two trinkets (both 502 versions), and shoulders (502 version). So megara, council definately, My guild killed priomodeous on normal but then we hit a period of RL absences, so for a few weeks i doubt we will get any further then that. after that ill be using it on dark animus. If nothing else ill get to build up my runes to use in normal mode. keep in mind that the rain guide is not 100% correct about available drops. It doesnt list the zone wide items that can drop from any boss like the extanguisher.

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    anything that drops head slot item, so I can hopefully socket the damn legendary metagem.. That means Jin'Rokh and Twins for me as a Brm Monk
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    Using coins on a boss that drops only one item you need is kind of a waste... that being said i was lucky the magaera trinket dropped right away. a 16% chance at 1 in 5 is terrible odds. I did Ji-kun Iron quon and a free one because those had more than one drop i needed. I don't know if that paid off i got all Iron quon drops in one week 2 drops + coin roll and Ji-kun still hasn't dropped anything after 7 kills using a coin every time... my raid just won't have any conquerer pants this tier. They need to do something about 10 man drops. Last tier was 1 caster weapon drop total. It was because every boss had like 5 belts.
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    Lei Shen in LFR. Must have the trinket! The tier pieces looks nice too but, I prefer trinket.

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    My guild is 5/13HM With Jin, Horridon, Council (just got this week), Tortos, Megaera, and Jin-kun down. I have been using my coins on just Horridon and Megaera.

    But this week I got the Fetish of the Hydra HC:TF. So I will not be using my coin on Horridon anymore. Just going to wait for the wand to drop and see how LC works it out since DA is probably still a few weeks away for us. So at the moment my current coins will be just for Council and Meg. We should have Iron Qon down tonight and he will be my 3rd coin option.

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    Probably saving my coins for DA (chest, helm, trinket - all viable options), Twins (staff) and uh.. Lei shen! If we kill it soon!

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    I use my coins on Tortos, Durumu and Iron Qon. As a hunter badly needing a ranged weapon upgrade, it's the perfect choice.

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