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    H.twin consorts (staff/tier), H.horridon (staff), H.animus for wep/trinket/tier. Previously was doin H.meg instead of H.animus but now that's open I changed my strat. That said my coin success rate is non existent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaltLakeAtrocity View Post
    Are you using them on the same bosses each week nowadays?
    Not anymore. I used to spend coins as soon as i got them in Tier 14, but that was a mistake. Now I am careful with them and save them up for bosses that drop weapons/trinkets/rings or new heroic kills. I was extremely lucky with loot this tier. I have 527 item level and 3 coins that I will carry over for next week.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaltLakeAtrocity View Post
    Do you factor in the number of pieces a given boss drops, or are you primarily after specific pieces?
    Absolutely. If a boss drops 2-3 items then the chance that I will get what i want gets slimmer. I have already won 2-3 items from coins that I didn't need (tortos bracers norm and hc version and shoulder token instead of gun).

    Quote Originally Posted by SaltLakeAtrocity View Post
    Do you save one (or more) wildcard coins each week for progression bosses?
    I am not really saving them, but I find less opportunities to use coins and they started carrying over. I no longer use coins on normal and on a few heroic kills.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaltLakeAtrocity View Post
    Do you horde coins to carryover to the next week for reasons other than saving for progression bosses?
    I just don't use them on the farm bosses anymore. I am afraid i will get the loot I already have from Ji-kun, Horridon or Jin'Rokh heroic.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaltLakeAtrocity View Post
    Do you factor thunder forge with any of your rolls (ie: roll for a boss whose best item you already have in hopes of a thunder-forged version of it)
    Nope. I think that thunderforged items are too rare to factor in. My first heroic items was thunderforged shoulder from Jin'rokh from coin roll on my first kill, but that was just a fluke.

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    Megera and lei shen, then i just go "oh... lets try for something here" for the last coint.

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    megaera for the trinket, bracers(hoping for heavy haste versions for afflic/demo) and possible offhand as a temporary replace, iron qon for shoulders tier or boots and lei shen for trinket and offhand, those items current has the biggest prio for me.

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    iron qon, dark animus and twins. trying to get tier, since theres been a severe lack of conq drops.

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    Megaera - Need bracers with mastery or haste (got with expertise >.<) and want Breath of the Hydra.
    Dark Animus - Need helmet and want Cha Ye's.

    Last coin is saved for now.

    Iron Qon drops 2 or more Conq tokens every week for us. Dark Animus is pretty even, 1 of each. Twins has yet to drop a Conq token. Quite interesting
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    I use to use a coins on Nalak each week but I'm done with that since Blizzard hates me.

    First week I got pvp belt from coin, next week I got gloves I already had and this week I got pvp pants.... Nalak will not get another coin from me.

    Boss in ToT I have two coins saved for "Jin-Kun" and "Dark Animus"

    I want the helm or the chest from Dark Animus and the Pants from Jin-Kun.

    I have bad luck so I'm sure I wont get anything this week lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teye View Post
    If you're Demo, Lei Shen+Tier until you get the trinket and 4 set. After that, Heroic bosses that drop weapons until you get a good one.
    The four set aint worth it for the END-GAME if you raid Heroic, then you will get more better / stats from Heroic Thunderforge, since our 4set atm aint that strong at all.

    OT; I coin Animus, Qon and Twins. Since they'll got the best loot for me atm (11HC down) - Probably saving one for Lei shen this week, cause HC is going down.

    But a tip; If you're not an End-gamer, go for 4set, it's still good if you can't get Heroic Thunderforge.
    Coin the gear you want and need, I never coin on a boss were it is 1 item I want, and two bad ones. I dont wanna waste a coin for that.
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