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    Quote Originally Posted by Huehuecoyotl View Post
    its a week since anyone posted on it, thats all. and its related to a topic that is still current. is that a problem officer?
    You must learn how forums work!

    People want you to create new threads all the time so they can go in and say ''This topic already exist, there is no need to make a new one, GG''.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynck View Post
    I quit GW2 because I hate leveling there.
    In a MMO I want to feel that I am a very small piece of the world like I am while leveling, I want to feel that I'm discovering a new world that already exists, not that I have a world built for me;
    Strange: in GW2 the world changes EVEN WHEN YOU'RE NOT HERE. People are getting killed, place are burned down or built up, travellers go from one point to another etc. The actions you do (or don't) will have an impact on the zone, even if temporary. Of course GW2 dynamic events should have more long term, solid, consequences, but that's always better that the static WoW quest-givers that litteraly stay here for years until you take his damn quest (and in WoW, what other people do has ZERO consequences on you and the way you experience the world).

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