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    Jewelcrafting or Incription on a RP REALM - Wyrmrest Accord

    So I currently have a Death Knight as my main which has Enchanting and Blacksmithing. When I heard about the changes regarding Spirit of Harmony pre-MoP release I was annoying to be honest. I hated that you had to go out to farm something that already has a low drop rate.

    Well anyway, my thinking when it came to deciding on my professions for levelling a new main was that I wanted to get the most out of Spirit of Harmony. So I had to stick with a crafting profession. I decided to go with Blacksmithing since I already had a Tailor which is still on my level 85 Mage. However, it was also a profession I've never taken up. So I have BS and Enchanting on my main.

    However, I am working on my 2nd level 90 and have decided on taking Alchemy as on of my professions. However, I am actually stuck between Jewelcrafting and Inscription.

    Just to let everyone know, I transferred to a RP-PVE realm - Wyrmrest Accord if it helps. We are 140+ on US realm progression rankings. PVE isn't a very active scene. Therefore PVE items, enchants, gems often have very low turnovers and undercutting is common.

    I was a bit disappointed with JC as well when I heard about the changes. I didn't really like the randomness to learn new cuts and the removal of dailies and tokens didn't help. JC however, doesn't really use any SoH besides having a 2nd research CD. I don't know much about Inscription. I've heard that you do need SoH for the daily CD. Would someone be able to shed more light on this? Since my warlock will be my alt, I don't plan spending any time doing dailies or farming once I hit level 90. Its purely a PVP/PVE toon.

    I was wondering taking everything into consideration which of Inscription and Jewelcrafting should I level?

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    WrAccordian here (Welcome to the server!), I'd stay away from trying to make money on Glyphs unless you have a LOT of free time to constantly cancel and relist, as we have several people that do nothing but relist their glyphs every hour of the day. I imagine that's common on most realms, but its irritating nonetheless. The undercutting isn't as bad for gems, so maybe do JCing. The craftable rings and necklaces might be profitable, I know whenever think about buying one I make secret frownies at the prices.

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    fellow WRA accordion here too lol. I have a 90 j/c miner and a 90 alch/herb...And the route you're going I would go with JC and make your alchemist a transmute, and transmute primal diamonds, cuz on our server those are going like hot cakes mow, most cut ones going between 400-800g, and uncuts are going for about 400ish on most day...The popular metas have no trouble selling at that price, IE the stam/armor one, the agil/crit, intel/spirit, intel/crit I can sell 3 to 4 of each a day, and with prospecting, getting the mats for your alchemist is pretty easy work....but this is just IMO but hope it helped with your decision

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