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    100%+ haste

    With the legendary meta and the SPA trinket (8,800 haste proc) i have seen myself going over 100% haste. this bad for a frost mage? i know we are supposed to stack haste... but dont really understand when we should stop. thanks for any useful info you can give me!

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    You have to look at the alternatives and also consider that you aren't over the haste cap 100% of the time. Also, Nether Tempest will keep on getting better with more haste.

    At 50% haste, your GCD is capped at 1 second. Beyond this, your Ice Lances and Frostfire Bolts don't become any higher DPET. Also, your Nether Tempest cast time no longer drops either, so the DPET no longer increases quadratically beyond that point (it becomes linear). Frostbolt and Nether Tempest still scale, but when you are over 50% haste, other stats are probably better for you.

    At 100% haste, Ffrostbolt hits the GCD cap and stops scaling with haste.

    RPPM effects proc more often with haste, so it's possible that even these high amounts of haste are still good overall.

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    Same problem here. Think the only real viable option is to go fire - sadly.

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    No problem, I'm regularly around 130% haste.
    Haste increase a lot of things in Frost :

    • FoF proc from frostbolt (more haste = more frostbolt = more proc)
    • BF proc from bomb (more haste = more tick = more proc)
    • bomb damage (more haste = more NT-LB tick/more FB explosion = more damage)
    • waterbolt damage (more haste = more waterbolt)
    • reduce Evocation time (less than 2s channel is amazing)
    did I forget something ?
    The answers is 42

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    Quote Originally Posted by reflection View Post
    Same problem here. Think the only real viable option is to go fire - sadly.
    Thats not really the only other option, if you already have the meta gem youve ran the place quite a few times, dont have access to other trinkets?

    Isnt for frost that trinket pretty bad anyways? The 502 lfr trinks from tot other then I think the lei shen one all sim higher then that one for frost, not sure about fire havnt played it in ages.

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