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    [Elemental] searching haste breakpoint table

    hey Guys, i search a complex Table for all elemental breakpoints.
    same Howtopriest.com style
    Shamans have something similar?

    MfG Slayv

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    Iirc Ele don't have any breakpoints. They just balance Haste and Mastery from what I've seen. (Though I could be wrong.)
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    From sticky ele 5.2 guide:

    Haste Caps & Breakpoints
    If you read up on most other spell casters, be they damage or healing, you'll see talk of "Haste Breakpoints". These are values of haste where additional ticks are added to particular DoTs & HoTs (Damage/Heal over Time). This does not apply to Elemental as our single DoT, Flame Shock, contributes approximately 5% of our damage. There will be some variation in haste around the breakpoints, but these variations are minor and should be not geared for, whereas the break points for healers are to do with mana efficiency and DoT centric casters like Affliction Warlocks are concerned with time efficiency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razecog View Post
    Iirc Ele don't have any breakpoints. They just balance Haste and Mastery from what I've seen. (Though I could be wrong.)

    A "breakpoint" is a specific number at which the value of a stat climbs briefly (due to adding a DoT tick or the like), or plummets (due to hitting some cap). The idea is you want to stack up to that breakpoint, and no more.

    So no; Elemental has no breakpoints with Haste. We have a lot of up-and-down valuation with Haste, and a lot of people mistake these for breakpoints, but they aren't that. Even if the value of Haste drops significantly past a certain point, a few hundred more stat points in and it will climb again.

    There are no real breakpoints. It's not a smooth curve, but that doesn't mean there are breakpoints to gear for.

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    It can depend on gear and set bonuses etc. At some point sometimes stacking mastery is better after a certain point, and other times, haste. That is why simming yourself (or whatever you call it) is usually best.

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