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    <A> <Neurosis> 10man 11/12N ToT Recruiting a Hunter

    Hello! Due to a few things changing within our guild, we're now looking for a Hunter to join us and help us finish off ToT Normal and then to start on progressing through Heroic modes.

    We were formed in December 2005 and managed to get several kills in the original Naxxramas before going into 'hibernation' mode! We re-formed again in November last year and despite starting late in the expansion managed to clear all normal T14 content and get 5/6 Heroic kills in MSV.

    We're just 12 raiders at the moment, so core spots are all but guaranteed. We raid Monday, Wednesday and Sunday starting at 19:00 and finishing at 22:30 (Realm time) and we're mainly a mix of English, Finnish and Dutch players with an average age of around 26 or so.

    What we can offer you:
    • A mature, friendly, and close-knit raiding environment with no whining or arguing.
    • Good progression.
    • No screaming on vent, no kiddy chat, and no flames.
    • A fair loot system.

    What we expect from you:
    • Friendly and mature attitude to ensure you'd fit in.
    • Excellent class knowledge and high DPS whilst maintaining high rates of survival (no dying to nasty stuff on the ground, for example!)
    • Able to make our raid days and times, and be prepared with pots and flasks.
    • Professions maxed, all the correct gems, all the proper reforges.

    We're on Khadgar-EU, our website is neurosisguild.com and my battletag is Taki#2461


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    bump - still looking

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    Still looking - now 12/12 and starting heroics next reset!

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