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    Quote Originally Posted by NesQuek View Post
    The problem with taking more than 2 talon rake debuffs are because talon rake is based on weapon damage. I've seen a 4 stack of talon rake (when wiping hit for 500k) and the first stack of talon rake hit for 550k. It's pretty nuts how big the difference can be.

    There's no reason not to just send a different tank for the second rotation. You always taunt on two stacks except for at the very beginning and then the tank goes. Do most groups do the 12th nest? We always just ignore it, so the second tank only goes once and burn from there.
    We go to 4/5 multiple times every week (I think we hit 6 once). Is isnt that bad... pop a CD and you easily live. We do 1 guardian tank at all times, which yes, results in the other tank taking a 3/4 stack occationally. Just watch for it, pop a CD (or external), and you easily live. The Fatboss chart is horribly inefficient BTW.

    We do 10 nests, after the double its Lust/Warp and kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grunkh View Post
    How does Group 1 manage to do 3 uppers in a row, with only 3 feathers? Is it possible to get from lower 3 to upper 4 using only one feather?
    You can jump down from the bottom nest, "spin" up and preserve 4 feathers. Not that there's any real reason for doing this.

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    We do exactly what you are asking and only send 1 tank(me) to do the nests, the only nests I take are:

    2 with 2nd group
    4 solo
    8 with 2nd group
    12 solo

    After nest 4 my co-tank takes 3 stacks and calls for a BoP/PS for the 3 stack, then I do the same and take 3 stacks calling for a BoP/PS if I need it.

    We always stop going to nests at about 10-11 and all go on the platform and burn so I never have to do nest 12.

    I'm a brewmaster tank and being able to solo nest 4 and 12 is really nice.

    We also 2 heal with a Hpally and Disc Priest and having both healers on the main platform as much as possible is really nice. Our Disc never leaves the main platform and our Hpally only goes down for nest 2 and 8.

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