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    Trying to relear warcraft, please help

    Hi, I'm trying to come back to Warcraft but there are some changes I don't understand.

    Where is mastery now? I don't know where to look to see what it does for my current spec or how much I have. I think it used to be on talents but I don't remember.

    My next question is what is with all the passives? I have a couple pages of passives in my spellbook. Leveling, I didn't even realize I was getting new spells. What do they do? I mean should I even worry about them. I know blizz said they were streamlining the game so they removed some gear slots and made it so you didn't have to spec talents so I feel like everything they give you should be important, but the thing is I didn't even know I was getting these things. Now my pally is in pandaria should I alter his rotation or just stick to when the recommended tab says? I got pretty far without knowing I even had them. This is the same on my rogue.

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    Mastery: a % based bonus to something for your spec. You can find it on your character screen's details

    Passives: Now everything you had to take in talents or were necessary for your class are baked into the class so you don't have to worry about it.

    You don't have to alter your rotation to match the page. You should stick with that EJ or Noxxic says, not what that tab says.

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