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    MM and Haste

    Sorry, been off the forums for bit with finals so could very well have missed discussion on this. But, I have been going Haste>Crit as SV recently and noticed my haste easily hitting over 10k I was wondering if we will see an AiS spam build being viable soon? (Perhaps it already is in theory?) I suppose my question is more what values, if there is one, would we want to get haste to where we would consistently burn AiS over AS as MM? I'll be honest and say I have not played MM much this xpac since BM was so superior ST to anything last tier and SV reigning due to sheer AoE atm. But with MM scaling I thought this was interesting. Anyone fooled with this at all or care to shed some light into my, probably, ignorant eyes?

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    Elitist Jerks has a MM guide from Whitefyst, it's mostly up to date for 5.2 and it has a very extensive section about haste breakpoints. You can find it here.
    As for myself, I go old-school: I'm using AiS as focus dump when under dynamic haste effects (Bloodlust, Rapid Fire, etc.) or when my AiS has a cast time of less than 1.4 secs.

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