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    Jin'rokh HC tips


    I was wondering how people handle this boss on hunter.

    I pop prepot and use rapid fire + amoc at the start of the fight. Then at the first water pool (mage casts hero like 2 sec after tank drops to the ground) after Ionization I use potion again (it is off CD) so I use stampede + readiness + amoc. On the second pool I use rapid fire.

    Is it proper use of cooldowns or should I wait for first pool and just pop everything?

    Also is it worth to wait for herosim with stampede or using it with rapid fire + trinket procs is better?

    Kind regards

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    I play Fury warrior, but we as a guild wait for the pool to spawn to pop the real CDs. Its worth the wait.
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    Pop everything at start but after readiness save AMoC and Rapid Fire for the pool. After that it depends on how fast your guilds kill it whether you want to save CDs at all or not. If you kill it in under 5 minutes then save Stampede for the first pool.

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    I've been using Lynx Rush as it lines up with the pools perfectly as opposed to crows.

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    I've been using Lynx Rush as it lines up with the pools perfectly as opposed to crows.
    I've tried this and even had 2 of my uses line up with a 8-10 stack Blades of Renataki proc and it's lower damage than Crows.

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    Ye Lynx Rush is pretty bad now just don't use it even as BM.

    In my opinion the best way to do it as BM, just blow every cooldown except Readiness at the beginning and use it in the first pool. Same goes for SV.
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    I do stampede, amoc and rf at pull, and then use readiness. Second amoc and rf at first pool. If I waited to use stampede, I'd only be getting 1 of them off, instead of 2.

    Assuming your kill time is somewhere between 5-6 minutes I suspect this is optimal.

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    If your guild kills it in <5 minutes, you're better off saving stampede/readiness for when you get double trinket procs in pools.

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