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    Back to the DK again since cata (unholy/blood)

    Any general tips you can give me on unholy/blood?

    I've read around, I'm leveling another dk on another server I started on since 2013. Been having a blast with unholy again & blood is still somewhat entertaining as well.

    Just some tips you may not see elsewhere as much. I've read about this festerblight, I'm curious about it, not sure if I'm excited about it yet.

    One question I do have though. Do trinkets/pots affect army ghouls? If so do you need to use the pot/trinket before popping army?

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    All pets are now dynamic when it comes to stat fluctuations. So yes it will effect them, but no more stat snapshots.

    As for tips, nothing really, as you said you've read about festerblight, that's really about it. Blood is still invincible, unholy is getting kind of nerfed in 5.3 by 5% strength, although SS is getting a fairly big buff, so I suppose it balances out.
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