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    Suggestion for non-tier piece

    Yes, Im reading some forums and "BiS-List Heroic" and 50% of them say the Leggs from Lei Shen is the best option, the rest like warcrafthunterhalls.com says the Helm from Council of Elders. Assuming u have access for both loot on heroic, which one is better? I thoung the legs.

    What do u think guys?.

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    Gaze is a great off-piece, especially because it is more available then the legs of Lei Shen.

    Durumu's chestpiece is quite good too imo.

    Legs are the best if you have everything available though.
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    Legs r teh best.

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    Legs, but plan to what you got access to. I don't see my guild killing Lei Shen HC before next raiding tier becomes available (unless heavy nerfs come), so I simply pretend those legs don't exist when I plan my gear.

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    I think both chest (Aberrant Chestguard) and helm (Gaze of Gara'jal) are good offsets for guilds that haven't killed heroic Lei Shen yet. Not much point in sticking with a strict BIS list if your guild isn't killing Lei Shen and Ra-den.

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