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    Any recommendations for a new YouTube channel?

    Hey guys,

    I have recently started up a new YouTube channel under the username of Nushidorei (sadly I cannot link the URL) where I cover mount and vanity item soloing and will be featuring 5.3 content when it goes live.

    I am wondering if I could get any feedback from you guys on what you recommend I improve on or if I cover different content all together? As at the moment the channel has gained very little interest.


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    Maybe try doing a guide on something that a lot of people are looking for. Can't youtube at the moment so I can't see what you have already done, But maybe a gold making guide, I know a ton of people search for that. or something more flavor of the month, warlock green fire quest guide?

    Something that people will need help with and from there you can peak their interest and get them to (possibly) see more of your channel. Also, if you do commentary, good commentary is a must when I'm following youtubers, I am drawn in more by personality than content, but that's just me.
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    Watched a little bit of one video, and there's a couple of things I could recommend to start off.

    - If 16:9 is an option for you, I'd strongly suggest going with that to get rid of the black borders.
    - The other is, you should try to sound a little bit more enthusiastic about whatever it is you're talking about. If you carry a similar tone throughout the entire video, it can be hard to listen to and actually grasp what is being said.

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    haven't seen any videos, so this is just general recommendations (and not commentary on the channel)

    - decent mic; doesn't have to be expensive, but it shouldn't be something annoying - such as low or clipping voice volume, high background noise, whine from electrical interference/line noise, etc.

    - think about your diction; listen to some larger channels with people having decent speech. enunciation and tempo! i've noticed it's not uncommon for some "geek types" to slur words a bit, or run them together, or speak in a strangely bursty and uneven manner.

    - don't get clinical or monotone; imagine that you're talking to your best friend or a family member about something you both care about. be enthusiastic - that is, let your enthusiasm shine through (and be careful not to "force" it too much, if you're not great at disguising it).

    - 720p option, and properly filling out the 16:9 real estate; research a bit on how to get the best video quality recording & rendering given your available tools.

    - be individualistic, be yourself. an important thing i've noticed is some sense of authenticity. i don't necessarily care that person B's videos are similar to person A's videos, provided it seems to just naturally fall that way by virtue of both persons' personalities. note that this sentiment is different from "be unique" or "be different", which is a double edged sword; it's easily seen as artificial (being different-for-different's-sake), but can be useful if someone is fortunate enough to do things properly (often it can be goofy or annoying).

    - finally, be prepared for a long haul. save for a fortunate few, many channels go a very long time before they accrue a decent viewership level - this is even so for well-done videos by talented hosts. building a successful youtube channel can easily be as much about promotion as the content itself.
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