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    Main Stat Choice UI (Reply to blue post)

    How much would you like Crit, Haste and Mastery to be just as good as one another for all specs, allowing freedom for style?
    It's tricky. If they are all interchangeable, then you don't look at the stats at all. Better would be if you can feel the delta. (Source)
    For some casters, you can really feel diff between a high crit and high haste build. I wish it felt more so for everyone. (Source)
    Then the stats could be equal value while the decision was still meaningful. (Source)

    They are lying, it is possible, they just dont want to work more with numbers. The solution is easy, make a UI that makes you choose which stats you want to be main then the other stats automatically degrade in value. Its like swapping spec and talent choice.

    Example: (Raw, Not calculated)
    If you choose Haste
    ~its value will increase by 100% while the value of the other 2 will decrease by 100%

    >UI will give you 3 choices (Haste, Critical, Mastery)
    >After choosing 1, you will be locked in it same as how talent and spec works
    >You can reset it by talking to your class trainer
    >The value of the stats change depending on your choice
    >Because of the huge value change, you have no other choice but to stack the stat you picked
    >TRIPLE SPEC SHOULD BE IMPLEMENTED because people will finally be unique. The only reason they don't want tri spec is because they want every player unique but with this idea, players would be different even if they choose the same spec and the same exact talent.

    I am aware this is easier said than done. The math in it would take so much of their time, specially in the balancing of the damage, heals, and tanking. My point is, its not tricky like what the blue post had mentioned. A new UI which lets you choose priority, a simple idea. This will give the UNIQUENESS they have always been talking about which is the reason they don't want tri spec.

    I always wanted my assassination rogue to stack critical on pve but I cant. Its mastery all the way because every talent only has ONE math in it. WHY ONE? why cant every spec have 3 math in it? Implement 3 math in every spec.
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    Glad Blizzard hires competent devs and not people with idea swill like this.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    And then they would have to re balance them every tier, and then someone would go through all the specs and all the different stat choices to see which would have the highest peak, and then everyone of that spec would choose the optimal stat.

    Way too complicated with virtually no reward.

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    I agree, no reward but I disagree on exaggerating "complicated".

    Every spec has ONE math in it, that is why we stack one specific stat every expansion or tier. All they need to do is add 2 more. Making it 3 math in every tier. Their are fewer balancing being made starting in cataclysm. I rarely see any balancing in blue post, since its not hard anymore Using one math every tier. Why not add 2 more maths?

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    They cannot be balanced simply due to each working differently.
    Haste for example due to breakpoints will yo-yo up and down in value.
    Soft-caps/hard caps due to the presence or lack of buffs etc.

    What you want is a game where there is no meaningful choice to gear anymore, where any loot providing it has a higher ilvl is just better.
    NO, NO, NO, and to make it clear NO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ComputerNerd View Post
    They cannot be balanced simply due to each working differently.
    Haste for example due to breakpoints will yo-yo up and down in value.
    Soft-caps/hard caps due to the presence or lack of buffs etc.

    What you want is a game where there is no meaningful choice to gear anymore, where any loot providing it has a higher ilvl is just better.
    NO, NO, NO, and to make it clear NO.
    Gear isn't a problem, they should just adopt diablo gear random stats with the new UI I was thinking about. Buff is not a problem since its has always been their goal that class stacking is an outdated idea they removed. They clearly mentioned buff class stacking is a sunwell idea which didn't go well so they changed it.

    You can also choose which gear drops depending on your setting (spec dependent drops), so then how hard is it to add one more button that lets you choose which stats gear should have or auto adjust to what ever stats you prioritized in the new UI.

    If your talking about balance, they clearly mentioned in the blue post that casters have different build depending on which stats they prefer. It is on live and its just limited to casters, rarely on melee. Example is how hit/expertise tank VS old master/dodge/pary topic, both all depends on personal preference and all forums doesn't say which one is better, all is different depending on mechanics and RNG.

    If it is already in game, in live server (and ptr) then why not make it part of the game completely and introduce it as a new UI? That is what I'm talking about. They manage to balance 2 stats which is accidental, players discover it on their own and it was not intended. They accidentally made 2 stat weigh almost the same and it happened on almost all the class. Why not make it "Intended" instead? That's is my point.

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    You are removing the need to make decisions, to understand why the stats are good or bad for you.
    Everyone will follow a cookie cutter allocation with no understanding as to why.
    That is like going back to the old talent system where the vast majority of a spec was exactly the same, and it was just the accepted optimal build.

    The current system is fine in that you have to decide if an item is an upgrade for more reason than a higher item level.

    It cannot be made intended, since they do not scale the same way because they simply behave differently and carry different weights for different styles of play or encounters.

    Haste loses value when not at a breakpoint, and it loses value on a poor player not able to keep up with the frequency of casting a large amount introduces.

    Weights considered equal value are not actually that, but close enough that trying to favour one over the other by the right amount is simply not realistic and actually detrimental.
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    Like it was pointed out by other people, I don't think a UI option like the one you suggested will work.

    However, the problem (or solution) is not to just have interchangable stats...it is to have different playstyles (like GC mentioned...a high crit build, high haste build etc)...and try to make them very close to each other.
    Something like how the level 75 talent works for warlocks. Depending on which grimoire you take, your stat weights can change...so lets say a destruction spec with grim of sac can favour crit...one with serv/observer pet can favour haste and one with sup can favour mastery.
    This way, you can still play destruction...and still use a gear set focused on one stat...all you will have to do is just change your talent and pet..and rotation etc.

    This would solve the main problem imo...which is balancing gear between two specs. I play a rogue main and its a pain to have to reforge my entire set when I change specs. Half the times it doesn't even work to the max potential (because I 'pass' on upgrades favouring combat spec since I play assasination main).

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    It is simply not possible though.
    The weights of each can vary based on the number of targets per fight, the players other gear, their skill, fight specific mechanics, buffs present or not etc.
    That would prevent them being similar in potential dps on anything but exceptionally similar circumstances.
    As in likely down to very minor gear differences only.

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