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    Here is the real basic idea:

    New Spec: CONTEMPLATION = a totally new awesome thing: a feral low-range healer, focusing on direct heals (not hots like resto). Its last shapeshifts will be the "Arakkoa", the loveable humanoid bird that we all like.

    New Spec: HEADHUNT = a well-focused melee hunter, greatly increasing damage abilities dealt on melee range like raptor strike and so on. There is much to improve here, share your idea!

    New Spec: EARTH = main spell will be "Ground Spikes", a small aoe spell that causes nature damage and dazes the enemies. Focuses on nature damage. Interesting the way it changed through talents ice block into "Stone Block", greatly increasing healing received while in it. Last talent is "Meteor", a long cast spell that basically deal huge nature damage at start and additional fire damage (naturefire damage).

    New Spec: DEVOTION = healer focusing on holy hots, an unique concept. Last talent may be "Words of Glory", which I volontarily copied the name from cata as challenge haha. It would channel a powerful heal to nearby allies. Talents may allow the chance to channel it while moving, at half movement speed.

    New Spec: INQUISITION = focuses on an holy dps, greatly empowering spells like smite and holy fire. Last talent is "Penitence" --> a red coloured penance that deals major holy damage or minor healing. Another talent-spell may be "Crucifixion", holy damage combined with a stun.

    New Spec: GUIDANCE = or spritual guide, or just spiritual: a new tanker. Much to brainstorm on it: share your idea! You may get inspired by a Psychopomp, check on google what is if you already dont know.

    New Spec: NECROMANCY = what does it miss into warlocks? ...uhm, some good direct shadow damage! Then it is, the spec which empower spells like Shadowbolt and new implemented dark missiles or blasts. Its most useful minion who will be? (Felpup=Affli - Imp=Destro). Indeed, it will be the succubus, totally fitting well as she is already on shadow powerful blasts. His last talent "Damnation" is a debuff that makes the target vulnerable to shadow directs, receiving 200% more damage from their crits for a few secs.


    Would Blizzard ever think about a 4th spec? Sorry guys I still play wotlk, I don't know anything of mop. This will require really an incredible work of balance.

    What do you think about this? Unique cool concepts? Thanks for your time and sorry whenever this wouldn't be nice for you. Thanks, have nice days for you all, and hope the days will be nice with you too. A day is an abstract thing so it's much probably hard that will give good things, so hope the physical elements around you will act and combine at the favour of your health! Sorry again for my bad english, I'm sure moderators may apologize me. Thanks in advance, bye!

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    Nice additions to read (just as fan art) and stuff but it's a nightmare to balance things that are on live... imagine adding 11 more specs to the game ? OUCH

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    You forgot rogue.

    Also, I don't think classes need another spec, it gets into territory crossing with other specs and would ruin themes of other classes.
    Druid 5th heal spec? Direct Heals? Play a paladin.

    Melee hunter? Play a warrior.

    Earth mage? Magi use magic, not elements/nature stuff like druids or shamans. Want to play earth? Shaman. Which might get a shaman tank spec, not any time soon though mind you (This is what GC said, he recognized the interest for such a thing while saying it wouldn't be happening any time soon)

    HoT pally? Play a druid or a priest.

    Shaman tank, already mentioned. Would probably use Earth, like how Thrall represented the Earth Aspect in Cata.

    Warlock. Not much to say here, just change demonology to be more of a shadow/pet spec.

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