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    Machinima : Over the Mists - trailer

    Hello everyone !

    You may remember me for my Abyssal Maw video a while ago, and from Wanderings of an Essplorer, my first exploration movie.

    I am back to promote the trailer of my upcoming movie, Over the Mists, which will feature the oldest exploration community still alive, the RIdPEF.

    We are indeed back in business, and obviously, a new expansion means new landscapes and new hidden places. As usual, we took it on ourselves to spend our time in these remotes and lost lands (sometimes with a slightly simplistic design). And we thought, let's film ourselves there !

    This movie will mostly contain explorations made in Pandaria.

    As for Across the Horizon, our previous movie, Over the Mists is a collaborative project. This means that everything on this video will be filmed by the members of our community. Every exploration shown is performed on official Blizzard servers, obviously.

    I hope you will enjoy the trailer

    Oh, I forgot the Warcraft movies link : http://warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=231389
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    Looks really cool. Looking forward to the full video!

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