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    Thrall; but it's unexpected because we learn that Thrall, his son, and the Horde spirit are a holy triune being, and it becomes Warchief.

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    Vol'jin as Warchief, with Nazgrim becoming Orc leader.. Thrall as a sort of counsel to both.

    Nazgrims taken smaller steps, but other than Garrosh/Thrall/Malkorok, he's the only other Orc having any sort of use at the moment.

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    My first guess is Vol'jin because I feel they are using this rebellion as a way to get the rest of the horde to rally behind him. Second guess would be Lor'themar just because they have been working up his storyline lately. It probably won't be Sylvanas because she isn't really trusted by the rest of the horde. I doubt it would be Saurfang because he has been nonexistent since ICC. I doubt Baine would want the job and Gallywix is probably the furthest from getting the job.

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    Well everybody and their mother expects Vol'jin, so my guess would be Lor'themar or a female whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    Well everybody and their mother expects Vol'jin, so my guess would be Lor'themar or a female whatever.
    It will be Jaina !! or Aggra ! Maybe some female Gnome who will take Garroshs gear and resize it and wear them And his axe will be shrinked by Shrinking Gun. And imagine when you enter Orgrimmar every orc, every Tauren Troll undead Blood elf or Goblin bowing to all Mighty Pink Haired, pony-tailed, Garrosh's gear wearing Gnome !!! Roar !!! and she approaches Throne of Warchief she takes First step on stair (actually Jumps), a Second glorious step, Third one and shes there and she Si... Oh wait crap she cant reach the Throne so she orders Gallywix (who is her pet) to play role of chair or stair and IT is done !! She Climbs on Throne !! And there she says : "Server the Horde or be Shrinked to death !!!" *chuckle*
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    I'm leaning towards Vol'jin most likely.

    Still rooting for Thrall to return though.

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    Thrall too obvious, Vol'jin too obvious, Lor'themar too obvious, Jaina too farfetched. Blizzard said it would be someone we wouldn't expect. So I'ma say it's gonna be Chen Stormstout or the Black Prince lol.

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    Gamon obviously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phenox View Post
    now, before i hear "thrall thrall thrall thrall" blizzard said that he or she will not be expected. who does that leave?
    Blizzard never said it won't be Thrall. They simply went back on their plan in which Thrall was already guaranteed. It can still be Thrall, although his chances are slightly lower at this point.

    Imo, it should still be an Orc. Warcraft at the core is Orcs vs Humans, Blizzard knows this and has hammered in this point multiple times. That is why Varian is becoming the leader of the Alliance, and not someone like Malfurion or Tyrande. So the same should be kept on Horde side due to fairness. An Orc should be Warchief.

    They could drop the core being Orcs vs Humans, that's their decision. But they risk losing long time fans like me. I won't play this game if someone like Vol'jin or Lor'themar becomes Warchief, I would just feel alienated. I just feel like my race gets thrown in the trashcan after so many years and that the franchise I loved for so long is slowly turning into something I don't like. Then again, so many more people have joined the franchise over the years, maybe Blizzard can afford to lose their long time fans. I wouldn't be surprised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baergrillz View Post
    Thrall too obvious, Vol'jin too obvious, Lor'themar too obvious, Jaina too farfetched. Blizzard said it would be someone we wouldn't expect. So I'ma say it's gonna be Chen Stormstout or the Black Prince lol.
    Well, I guess I could live with the Black Prince, strangely enough. Or Thrall, Rexxar, Baine, Nazgrim, Nazgrel or Saurfang.

    Vol'jin or Lor'themar though? No way. They're pussies. Vol'jin hasn't accomplished anything except whining and threatening Garrosh over not having the same opinion as him. Kinda ironic that Vol'jin is such an arrogant guy, "my way or the high way" attitude. And Lor'themar? Please.... The Horde can't be turned gay.

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    No way are you getting OUR Black Prince (Alliance). He is too awesome for you to have.

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    It won't be Lor'themar. Last thing before Jaina went postal and started imprisoning Sunreavers with Inquisitional rage, he was participating in negotiations for the Blood Elves to re-join the Alliance. While I wouldn't say he's indifferent to other races of the Horde, it's pretty clear that he values his people more than the Horde as a whole. I don't think he's interested in becoming Warchief, because he's less interested in power as he is being the co-ordinator of the defence of Quel'thalas and the Blood Elves.

    Vol'jin is another unlikely candidate, but a popular suggestion here. I think he would do it if Thrall asked him to, but I think anyone familiar with the Wheel of Time books might notice that as part of a rebel insurrection, he couldn't be the leader of a re-unified Horde because any of those who sided with Garrosh, willingly or under duress, would feel slighted.

    To make another WoT parallel, the Horde needs an Egwene Al'Vere - someone who was not present when the insurrection began, to act as a legitimate Warchief that will be capable of uniting both Horde "factions". Saurfang is supposed to be in Warsong Hold, in Northrend, presently. I know he's old, and by all rights wouldn't want the mantle of Warchief, but I think he'd be an excellent candidate for it.

    I also think Baine would make a great Warchief, because he's a young, new leader. He's also thoughtful and diplomatic, yet decisive, and I think he could earn the respect of all the disparate faction leaders as well as rank-and-file members of the Horde.

    To briefly address the other Horde racial leaders...

    Sylvanas - Too controversial, too centre-stage. Her story plays out well in her current role, being one of only two Eastern Kingdoms-based Horde leaders, with the most territorial holdings, a potential rogue power in her own right. There is also little indication that she would be interested in being Warchief.

    Gallywix - Too divisive a figure, too obscure a character to be Warchief. It would be Garrosh all over again, in the sense that it would be a faction leader hated by the vast majority of players of his faction.

    Thrall - A possibility, I think Thrall fatigue has abated a little bit due to his minimal involvement with MoP. They've scaled back the Green Jesus aspect of his character, but I just don't think they'll want to pick Thrall again. Time will tell!
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    Didn't help that he had Sky Admiral Warcrimes McEvillaugh flying his airship for him.
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    Gallywax. He'll just buy all votes one way or another, like in real politics.
    Quote Originally Posted by Metzlsepp-Antonidas
    Meanwhile ...

    Nomi opens up a new kitchen in Darnassus.

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    Vol'jin, Rexxar, Eitrigg or Thrall.

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    Wrathion after he betrays everyone even harder than those shifty Forsaken clods and kills all of the current racial leaders. His new followers will consist of the next generation of the horde leaders, Thrall's kid, Vol'jin's bastard child he never knew about, Baine, skip the forsaken because they are basically just dead people anyway, and Lorthemar's kid that Jaina is carrying.


    Come on... you know those two banged after that scenario unlocking the last part of the island...
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    I'd start laughing if Garrosh remains as the warchief.

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    If Rexxar becomes warchief, then that's the openning the doors for ogres to become a playable race.

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    lady sylvanas

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    Basic Campfire, its always had my vote, it will always have my vote!

    A Vote for Basic Campfire is a Vote for Hot Fiery Leadership !
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    I kinda had hopes for Zaela, but she seems to have joined forces with garrosh. So..

    Let's get some new blood, Okrilla "the killa!" from blasted lands or Gorgonna from grizzly hills, that kinda had a thrall vs garrosh moment with her sister? krenna.

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    If it's a person we wouldn't expect I'd say Anduin.
    But I'd like it to be Saurfang. Or Rexxar.

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    Jaina.. Out of left field im calling it.
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