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    Question who do you think the new warchief is going to be

    now, before i hear "thrall thrall thrall thrall" blizzard said that he or she will not be expected. who does that leave?

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    Another thread? My vote still goes for Lor'themar Theron

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    I'd like it to be an orc but Thrall's time as Warchief has been and gone and it looks like it's got Vol'jin written all over it. It'll be temporary until a suitable orc emerges to take the reins. Or perhaps the title of Warchief will go out the window and a council of sorts will run the Horde seeing as giving one individual power over everything in society didn't pan so well. Only time will tell.

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    I'd say either Lor'themar or Vol'jin. Vol'jin has always had close ties with Thrall, and in the dominance offensive patch, Lor'themar was showed that he's more than just a cardboard cutout. However, I'm leaning towards Vol'jin for two reasons. One, Lor'themar said during the dominance offensive that he didn't want to be warchief; and two, I think Vol'jin being close to Thrall might sway the decision to make him warchief after Garrosh has been dispatched.

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    Basic Campfire, duh.

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    Thrall, Sylvanas (in a Coup D'etat over the rebels AND Garrosh), Vol'jin, or Saurfang. No one else has a chance.
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    Did you honestly just make this thread?

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    Another thread about this sh*tting issue. It is getting so BOOOOOooooooooring.

    But still I say Vol'jin or Saurfang.

    Quote Originally Posted by SherbertLand View Post
    Did you honestly just make this thread?
    He is new as I can see just 9 comments so we can forgive him )
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    You, OP. You will be the next Warchief.
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    Nazgrel could be Warchief, and it would give a chance for Danath Trollbane to return home and reclaim his homeland back to his Stromgarde people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skroe View Post
    And since when has UN backing mattered for anything?
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    All in the same post.

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    Warchief Trassk, the Orc I believe in!

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    Anduin Wrynn.. why not even if its bonkers!!

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    I don't even know anymore.
    Cro Threadstrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tauror View Post
    Warchief Trassk, the Orc I believe in!
    Get ready for another Rebellion...

    Vol'jin, or a council type system.
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    I think they should let the players vote. Then force them to live with their decision for the rest of wow's days.

    It will be hilarious.
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    Saurfang or Vol'jin

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    I think at the end of the expansion, portals from Legion homeworld will appear around Azeroth, bringing forth amies of demons ready to invade Azeroth. Blood elves were introduced during Burning Crusade, so it fits the theme that Lor'themar will become the new warchief. Not this expac, but when the legion comes and a new leader is needed to temporarily unite alliance and horde to fight an overwhelming enemy, and take the fight to their homeworld. He has received some love in MOP too, but not during Cata or Wotlk if I recall correctly. Haven't been playing as a horde a lot.

    The way a blue talked about Sylvanas, it's a fair bet that she won't be the new warchief. I doubt she'd even accept the position if it was offered to her.

    At first I though it would be Vol'jin but I'm not so sure anymore after seeing his conversations.

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    Why do you think Vol'jin's had so much limelight recently?

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    honestly, I have no idea.

    I would say Vol'jin or Lor'themar have the best chances, due to how much they've been built up this expansion. But I also remember Blizzard saying it wouldn't be anybody we're expecting. So I try to think out of left field, and I just can't come up with anything really reasonable.

    Maybe the final Garrosh fight will have us get him to 10%, then he instant wipes us just like the lich king did, but maybe instead of a wipe, he brings everyone to 1 hp and permastuns them. Then, as he's doing his little cut scene thing, a demonic portal opens in the room, and a felgaurd falls out of it, as if thrown. Then, who else but Broxigar walks through the portal. Saying he's been watching, waiting, and fighting the legion for the last 10,000 years, as he was infused with fel power from fighting the legion for so long, and the fel power essentially gave him immortality from aging. He then says to Garrosh "I have seen what you have made of our people. I knew your father, Hellscream, and he would be most displeased with what you've become. A monster, greater than he ever was. Willing to sacrifice your own people for power." (can't actually remember if Broxigar knows Grom or not) Then Broxigar turns to the raid and says "Heroes, your time is now. Rally behind me, and together, we will create a horde more powerful than any before it. One strong enough, to face the coming onslaught of the Burning Legion." and infuses us with his fel power, and the fight is basically gg then.

    I just came up with something on the spot, trying to think out of left field. I just want 5.4 to get here so we can figure it out!

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