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    Class Concept: The Tidal Priest

    Due Note, this might be a long read.

    This concept is about the wc3 hero Sea Witch. I have found that the sea witch is an amazing concept, even though I have a very high doubt they would ever be placed within game. As it stands, with the looming new expansion to be announced at Blizzcon, and people pointing that its likely a legion theme, yet, we are all well and aware that there are plenty of places in Azeroth we still have yet to explore, this including the many lands sunk by the shattering and all the islands within that sea. What if that is the new expansion? Or, it could be the other side of Azeroth. Do I know? no. As such, I give to you what I wish to see even though I doubt it will be ever made into an actual playable class.

    The Tidal Priest(ess)

    You might be asking yourself, or questioning me, why this specific class? And, for me, the reason is, a Bow wielding lightning casting tornado throwing and freezing arrow witch sounds like an amazing reason. But, to that end, it really does not justify the class to even be made, or even to be read over. For the sake of this, people wish for a petless hunter class, or another class to take up int mail and agil mail, and this concept takes up these plots. Sure, dark rangers are thought up more than this, but, I wanted to give something that people rarely think of, or simply think of as not possible.

    My Concept of the Tidal Priest will fit the roll of range dps and a healer. One spec is dedicated to being able to cast while moving, to entertain the casters for a new twist on casting, while other dps spec is dedicated to the bow and tossing out ice and lightning and using the mists to shield him/herself from the eyes of his or her foes. While i wish there was a new thing for healing, like how blizzard envisioned the monk healer originally, a healer is a healer, but I gave him/her a voice. literally.

    The specs utilize the essence of a hurricane, at first being a tropical storm, then a raging violent storm, and then finally coming to the eye of the storm and feeling the calmness of it, with the voice of a siren to heal.

    As it is, I am an avid pro Playable Naga. With some hopeful remark, I present their major class, even though it could have been learned by others in game. There are friendly Naga already ingame, specially the love story between a gnome and a naga. But the lore:

    The Roleplaying Game (uncanon now: source wowpedia)

    Priestess of the tides is the naga priest variant class. They are potent spellcasters. Informally, they bear the name "sea witch". They are naga who revere their queen, Azshara. It is their faith in her and in naga superiority which grants them power. They wield the freezing cold of the arctic north; they command the fury of ocean storms. They also draw upon their race's arcane legacy to protect themselves. Most priestesses of the tides are females. The occasional male naga joins their ranks; however, these are vanishingly rare, as most male naga don't have the intelligence (or spirit) to make spellcasting a viable pursuit. Male naga who join these ranks are called priests of the tides.

    Warcraft3 (canon: Source Wowpedia)

    The Naga Sea Witch was a mystical naga Hero, adept at ranged combat. These scaly denizens of the ocean have often been associated with the coming of prodigious storms, but few have actually seen them rise from the sea and lived to tell the tale.
    While naga sea witches are better with their marksmanship skills, they are also capable of magic powerful enough to create tornadoes and lightning storms

    Down to the basics between the Specs

    Armor type: leather until 40, then mail. Storms and Depth's Siren use Int Mail, while Tidal Archer uses Agil Mail.
    Weapons: Storms and Depth's Siren uses maces daggers swords with an offhand or staff, while Tidal Archer uses bows and guns.
    Species: Night Elf, Troll, Draenai, Blood Elf, Pandaren and if by some miracle, then Naga.
    ~ Why these races at bottom~

    Shared Spells:

    Violent Slash: Casts a slash of harsh wind. (main nuke of Storms)
    Wind Shield: A defensive bubble that absorbs damage
    Soothing Water: A basic heal
    Breath of Water: Breath underwater and increase swim speed by X.
    Tornado: aoe/single target dmg. 5 min cooldown

    Mists of Illusion: Surrounds you in mists that increases the chance the target will miss you, as they see more of you. (dodge cooldown)
    Submerge: You instant submerge into the ground, creating a tunnel of water of 30 yards in front or in back of you, and come up at the target location.
    Mesmerize: Target creature/player cannot attack you for 10 seconds (doesnt mean their buddy cant)
    Siren's Scream: Disorients X targets in 10 yard radius for 5 seconds.


    Spec: Storms
    The Tidal Priest utilizes and casts the power of the storms of the sea at his/her foes, summoning violent winds raging tides and lightning at the enemy.

    Resource: Mana and Storm bits.
    Storm bits work as "cooldowns" or using them to move and cast at the same time. You start with five, and casting while standing still regenerates the bits. The lower the Bits, the slower you are (down to 25% speed minimum with no bits), and with no bits, you cannot cast while moving. Each Cast while moving uses half a bit. Yet, you want to manage them with your "cooldowns", as it should take 30 seconds to regenerate one bit, and typically a cooldown comes off cooldown by then. You do not want to pool your bits,

    Violent Slash: casts a slash of harsh wind at the foe. (main nuke)
    Static Shock: Places a dot of lightning damage
    Lightning Strike: Summons a massive lightning bolt to strike an area (8yrd radius) of the target 3sec cast. Violent slash decreases cast time to be instant after 2 casts.
    Crashing Waves: A cleave, two targets. (main nuke when two or more targets, think blade fury)
    Storm Bolt: A bolt made up of lightning, Wind, and Water. (use on CD)
    Snap Dragon: Summons a snap dragon to fight for you for a minute. 2 min cooldown

    Aoe: storm bits come per target, pending how many, you might never run out
    Raging Winds: a basic aoe channeled, want to use Lightning strike on cd in between, as the wind gives a debuff for the next lightning strike to do x more amount of damage. 7 sec channel

    Storm Bits uses:
    Volatile Storm: Uses a storm bit to increase the damage of your abilities for the next 25 seconds by X
    Rising Tide: Uses a storm bit to place an aoe pulse on yourself for 30 yard range for the next 10 seconds. Does X damage
    Lightning Pillar: Strike the target enemy with a pillar of lightning for x amount of dmg.

    Spec: Tidal Archer

    With this spec, the Tidal Priest combats the enemy with his/her Exceptional Archery along with the prowess in the magical arts of the Lightning and Ice at distance till the foe's death.

    Resource: An energy and rage bars. With these two resources you do not want to cap rage, but when all cooldowns are up, you want to use up all the rage.

    Energy: Autoshoots regen energy
    Frost Arrow: Strike target with x frost dmg and gives a stacking movement debuff (up to 50%)
    Piercing Wind: Usable below 30%. Increased Rage generation and X more dmg than frost arrow. Frost Arrow has a chance to cause this to be used 30% + (supposed to replace frost arrow)
    Hailing Arrows: Arrows tipped with ice rain down on target location (aoe)

    Lightning Shot: Places a dot that x dmg over x time, increases energy regen (small amount of rage cost, as it is supposed to be on target for match)
    Tsunami: A knock back that pushes targets back in its line.(pvp purpose)
    Forked Lightning: A cone of lightning, Heavy damage High rage cost, but increases energy regen(main rage dump)

    Hurricane: Increases you haste and crit by X and your auto shots are tipped with forceful winds, increasing damage by Y, over Z seconds. Energy regen is increased. 2 min cd.
    Summon Couatl: Summons a Couatl, for 30 seconds, that spits a stacking Poison Bolt at target, stacking to 5. 3 min cd.

    Hazing mists: Obscures vision of the enemy to not be able to see you. (stealth)
    Howling Shot: a Forceful shot that pushes the enemy back 5 yards, and sends you into back into Hazing mists.(3 min cd)
    Poison Tipped: Shoots an arrow laced with poison that places a dot of Xdmg over X time, and inscreases energy regen, unless lightning shot is on the target, silencing the target for x seconds. Requires Hazing Mists.(it is bascially lightning shot)
    Arrow to the Knee: Stuns the target for 3 seconds. Requires Hazing Mists. (because... i had too)
    Snipe: Shoots an acurate shot at target for X damage. Requires Hazing Mists. (think ambush)

    Spec: Depth's Siren

    The Tidal Priest's healing spec, using the powers of the calm ocean to heal, the winds to shield, and the voice to heal and save his or her allies.

    Resources: Mana and Vocal Notes
    Vocal notes are built from heals, and Absorption shields taking a hit. There are 4 Notes. Notes are used when needed, as higher heals.

    Basic heals: (technically relatively lower heals as you want to use your vocal notes, not just basic heals)

    Splashing Water: Flash heal
    Soothing Water: basic normal heal.
    Calming Waters: Greater heal

    Aoe Heal:
    Flooding Waters: heals targets in X yard radius.

    Healing Winds: Places a healing wind on a target for X seconds

    Wind Shield: Surrounds the target in an absorption shield for X. (better than normal)
    Gailing Winds: Surrounds the Raid in a Large Wind absorbing up to X dmg. 3 min cd

    Vocal Notes:
    Siren Hymn: Increases Healing by X for X seconds
    Note of Healing: Healing target instantly for X amount, and leaves a HoT on the target.
    Siren's Call: Heals target within X yard radius. (aoe)

    Abolish magic: your dispel.

    Other Major cooldown:
    Depth's Song: Sings (channel) a song healing up to 5 targets (12 25man) for x amount. 3 min cd.
    Humming the Notes: Hums a song that builds up two notes instantly. 2min cd
    Summon Sea Elemental: Helps healing for 1 min (smart heal) with an aoe pulse heal. 5 min cd

    ~Why These Races~

    Well. Naga is self explanatory, if they become playable.

    Night Elves: The pre-evolution to the naga. Even though they hate the naga, i have no doubt that they probably know of this magic, as they are one of the longest living races in azeroth.

    Trolls: The darkspear had a Sea witch upon their isles before thrall showed up and killed her. She demanded regular sacrifices, but they knowing how to harness such magics, why wouldnt they learn how to use it? Specially if its for vengeance.

    Draenai: At first I thought worgen, as they are darker and more crude, but the more I think about it, the Draenai may be the only way for the naga to join the Alliance, as they are far more forgiving and hold only grudges against their kin that became Eredar. They seem like the one of the only races that would forgive,and harbor the Naga in the alliance. (not turn a blind eye, and would keep them in check, but forgive the ones that come), so why not teach the willing draenai the ways of the depths, as they seem similar to Shamans.

    Blood Elves: Some naga were saved by elves, and they dont forget. Blood Elves were also saved by naga during the third war, granted kaelthalas went nuts, but they might feel a responsibility to helping the ones that would wish to join, and would harbor them, keep in mind similar to how the draenai harbor them with eyes on them. Of course this class would be gratitude in response for safe harbor.

    Finally, Pandaren. As far as I know, pandaren have not seen naga on their homelands, and if a naga, lost finds her way onto the wandering isle, and is treated to Like a friend, and given lots and lots of beer, who knows. Ima sucker that thinks most races would just sit and relax with a pandaren, and drink their woes away.

    Other Candidates are Orcs(as their affinity with shamanism and this), Tauren, Worgen, and Dwarfs. Dont think humans should be.

    Finally, the end
    I know my version is technically based off of a naga teaching people, but it doesnt have to. SO tell me what you think. Ideas and suggestions

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    So its a resto shaman? I mean thats all I can really say is that it looks liked a tweaked resto shaman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banzubie View Post
    So its a resto shaman? I mean thats all I can really say is that it looks liked a tweaked resto shaman.
    actually, I based it off of a combination of priests and resto druids. the waters is simply a name for the basis of spells, yes similar in "name" to 2? spells of a shaman. Otherwise, most classes have flash, normal, and greater heal. Took a basic concept of a dps class where you dps better for x seconds cause of combo points, and used it for the healer, but rather all, just 1. Those "combo" points to me are similar to a paladin holy power or a destruction locks embers.

    And i havent played resto since the end of wrath where all you did was spam the hell out of chain heal, and you win =\

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    well this one is far out there!

    But... I like it, I have to be honest this may be one of the first class concepts to intrigue me in quite a while, nice idea, I dig it.
    Quote Originally Posted by want my Slimjim View Post
    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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    It actually sounds nice though, just like you, I highly doubt it would be implemented... It's too specific and probably not attractive to a big part of the playerbase (those who never played the RTS', for instance).
    Fallout 4 Hype!

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    I completely agree Grimord. I have high doubts its going to be implemented because its too specific.

    Thank you Vellerix. ^^

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    This could be an interesting idea, but possibly too close to shamans, and I don't see the lore happening. A non naga sea witch (I'd call it that, not tidal priest, classes that have the names of other classes could be confusing) just seems off to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florena View Post
    This could be an interesting idea, but possibly too close to shamans, and I don't see the lore happening. A non naga sea witch (I'd call it that, not tidal priest, classes that have the names of other classes could be confusing) just seems off to me.
    Yea, but its why I limited the races as much as I did. I didnt do what blizzard did with monk, and gave it out like candy, except to worgs and gobs. Tauren monks just make me laugh.

    I can see them calling them Sea Witches as well, its just that Witch is orientated to just females, like how Warlocks are male Witches, but if they just call a class this Sea Witch, then yea, i can understand.

    And the close to shamans part is something I thought of, and why in incorporated alot damaging wind spells over straight lightning, as I do think that shamans lay claim on it as the basic and cleave nuke, but I dont think they should straight up own all lightning. To me, I tried to make it as different as possible, citing priest v paladan case.
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    Nice. I like seeing a naga base class idea. I found sea witchs to be a cool unite in WC3.

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