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    Pros and cons to Narwhal and Unicorn setups

    I have been told that they will both run black ops 2, bf2 and skyrim on ultra setting....but will the towers stay cool and not be noisy....also what type of monitor do you guys recommend, I would like and hdmi input so I can connect my xbox to it and play on it on occasion. are there any other desktop cases you recommend that would include led lights...I would like some bling to it and still function well.

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    While the options they post are nice... The best thing to do (imo) is post on the Build/Upgrade thread, and answer the sticky questions. List budget, location, what you want to play, and a much more tailored setup can be posted for you.
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    @Powerrogue, might want to remove that, even if it's pretty funny.

    @OP, can you please rewrite that atrocity of a post into a format we can all comprehend? Ask clear questions please.

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    Unicorn spends unnecessarry money on an I7, when the I5 is just as good for gaming. The money would be much better spent getting a second SSD for Raid. Also no reason for the K version CPU and 80$ cooler if you don´t plan on overclocking. Not a fan of the coolermaster HAF either.

    I prefer a 27 inch with 2560x1440 like http://www.asus.com/Commercial_Monit...ectors/PB278Q/

    The perifherals are atrocious. At least go for the Z623 (2.1) or the Z906 (5.1) wich are both THX approved. And get a proper soundcard, onboard sound is really bad. Personally I prefer the THX approved USB soundcards from creative for the mobility.

    Personally I am not a fan of the razer mouse/keyboard combo. I prefer Logitech mice and Corsair mechanical keyboards
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bantokar View Post
    The money would be much better spent getting a second SSD for Raid.
    No, single 250GB SSD. Less problems than RAID.
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    OP: If you could answer the questions posed in this thread the lovely people of the computer build forums would be very happy to help.
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