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    Returning raider, should I play warrior again?

    I'm returning after a long break from wow and I had raiding on a warrior for a long time, primarily as fury, it seems like the class has changed a lot since WotLK. My biggest questions are how is warrior raid damage and are present warrior mechanics lacking in any major way?

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    Warriors are fun, they do middle of the pack DPS with decent raid utility. Their lack of damage reduction cooldowns is their biggest concern but honestly unless your at the cutting edge of progression it doesn't really matter what you play.
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    I like the way they developed fury mechanics. It´s weak with low crit, but it gets better with each percent you gain. We are at the upper middle to middle of the pack but bring some nice raidutility. All in all it´s fun, but if you are into hardcore progress you will likely not find a slot in 10 man quickly.

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